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Why The Smartphone Does Not Charge

Problems with charging the phone are not always a marker of the fact that it is time to carry the gadget for repair. In today’s article, we will talk about ways to self-diagnose problems and repair devices. We will not consider cases related to damage to the charger, sockets, or cables.

Dirty Connector

In most modern devices, the power connector is not designed to be easy to clean or even to be clogged. The best tool for cleaning the contacts from dust is a sharpened toothpick in the shape of a spatula. It is not worth sharpening it so as not to damage the contacts. After removing the debris, it is best to soak a toothpick in isopropyl alcohol and wipe the contacts. It is important to do everything without pressure and let the alcohol dry completely before charging your smartphone. It is not recommended to use other types of alcohol, as they are aggressive on contacts. Vata in this case is also not suitable, because it can remain inside.

Quite often, there is also a situation when the phone seems to be charging, but it is easy to touch it and charging is interrupted. This is due to the loose socket, which is very easy to damage during the cleaning process. Therefore, do not try to scrub the dust out of the connector, even if it seems that it becomes an order of magnitude cleaner.

Poor Firmware

Quite often, the firmware on smartphones is installed using open tutorials on the network of dubious quality. Not all methods and assemblies really neutralize garbage files. This is also why Google has simplified the firmware of smartphones by releasing a new tool. Before reflashing your phone due to charging problems, it is recommended that you roll it back to factory settings and check it works. Quite often the problem is solved at this stage.

Viruses and Trojans

First of all, it should be noted that viruses mainly affect smartphones on the Android platform, if only because Android smartphones occupy 76% of the market. If the battery is relatively new (~ 1 year), but you suddenly notice that the smartphone starts to run down much faster, the possibility of malware infection of the device cannot be ruled out. According to statistics, most Trojans are found in applications for scanning QR codes and applications for photo editing and cameras. In this case, either a rollback to the basic settings, which we wrote about above, or installing an antivirus and subsequent full check will help.


The smartphone may stop charging due to cracks in the soldering points or on the board itself. If this is still the problem, then you need to act further depending on the smartphone model. On some models, the charging connector is located on a separate board, while on others on the motherboard. If you have the first case, then most likely it will cost more to repair the board than to replace it. You can find out how the connector is located in a particular phone on YouTube by adding the word “parsing” to the smartphone model.

If you have the skills to work with a soldering iron, then on a separate board you can wire the terminals on the back of the block. This method is also quite working, but only if you really have experience and not a training video in front of your eyes.

Do not think that replacing the battery will help in such cases, since the battery life degrades gradually, and before the smartphone stops charging, you would spend a rather long period of time with a gadget that takes longer to charge than it works, so a simple replacement will not solve the problem.

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