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Why Does the Printer Print Poorly?

Low-quality printing problems are common in many printers, including brands from Epson, HP, Canon, and so on. The problem may persist after refilling the cartridge, for example, the printer prints in stripes, blurring, poor quality black ink reflection, insufficient quality of color images, gaps. When using a new cartridge, the listed disadvantages may persist. Let’s consider options for correcting the situation.

Economy Mode

The device can turn on the saving mode on its own (auto mode), or accidentally such a setting can be made by the user. The mechanism can be set for a period of low ink/powder levels.

To check it is necessary

  • Open connected printers (Windows + R);
  • Drive into the line “control printers”;
  • Find the device you need, open “Print settings”;
  • Change the settings according to your needs.

Problems With Inkjet Cartridges

It is not uncommon for cartridges to dry out, especially if the device has not been used for a long time. Clogging is possible with regular operation. It is enough to take a napkin, take out the cartridge and blot the napkin (print side). If there is no clear print, it can be assumed that the nozzles in the print head are dirty.

For stand-alone heads, the problem is often limited to one color. The reason is the drying of ink in the nozzles or the ingress of air into the CISS. The head is washed, the air plug is “driven out”. With a normal print, it is worth checking the device for burnt nozzles.

Cleaning the Cartridge

Software cleaning:

  • Search for a printer, open properties;
  • Opening a “service” or “maintenance” item;
  • Implementation of deep cleaning several times.

Long-term soaking and rinsing with cleaning compounds can be performed manually.

Obvious Causes of Failure

With the appearance of vertical lines, gaps and an increase in the severity of the problem, they think about problems with the photo stock, which is solved by replacement. The cleaning blade also changes. After several refills and long-term operation, streaks may appear at regular intervals, an overfilled waste toner box is the cause of the breakdown. It needs to be cleaned when refueling. With white spots, gaps, pallor, the reason may be a worn-out magnetic shaft, it can only be replaced.


Laser cartridges are often damaged with ink cartridges; it is rare. Tightness is lost with incorrect, poor-quality assembly. Checking requires suitable conditions (street, balcony), by shaking the cartridge, you can detect the falling out toner.

Refueling Nuances

Problems are caused by poor-quality paint, damage to the device. If you suspect a dye, you should refuse to use it. You cannot mix paints from different brands; when replacing with other paints, the containers are washed. Also, when choosing, it is worth considering the manufacturer’s recommendations.


If you change the manufacturer of ink in inkjet printers, you need to update the color profile file. The required data is downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Feed Rollers

If dust settles on the rolling rollers, you may encounter a problem, the utility will do the same as for cleaning the nozzles, only with the option “Cleaning rollers”. You can clean the pallet. If it does not help, the device is turned off, the rollers are washed with a napkin or cotton swabs. After drying, the printer is ready for use.

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