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Why Android Users Should Thank Apple for Being | Tech Plus Tips

Often on our website, you can find the reaction of users that is not very clear to me personally. One has only to write something about Apple, publish an article with its title in the title, or just remember the iPhone from the text, so they immediately start to burn, as they say. I thought for a long time why this is happening, and what generally makes people remember the problems of the company, its policies, and even Tim Cook himself, you know in what way. At the same time, logic dictates that this is just a phone, which is okay. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you like it – buy it and you can even prove to everyone that he is good. It is only not clear why it causes such a reaction when it is not at all the key topic of the article. And meanwhile, for the fact that Apple exists, we must thank it. And I’m not talking about the fact that she released the first modern smartphone.


Apple or Android

As I said, Apple is often mentioned in articles with and without reason. It is enough just to write that the new OnePlus 8 Pro is expensive, as soon as it starts “look at the iPhone”. Like, they are generally bad, completely insolent, and again in a circle. For some reason, they are not talking about Samsung or Huawei, the top versions of which often cost almost more than the iPhone. The days when he was synonymous with high cost are over.

Of course, earlier it was possible to say that the iPhone is better than Android (in a broad sense) or Android is better than the iPhone, but times have changed. Back then, the iPhone was simpler and more stable, while Android was more functional. Now they have absorbed the best from each other and roughly aligned in their essence.

This is what is good. We came to the conclusion that, in fact, the iPhone differs from Android only in taste. For example, I have both an Android smartphone and an iPhone. However, they are both flagships. I easily switch from one to another, without even noticing the difference. Both can work with the file system, both have roughly the same menus, and both work fine.


What is the Difference Between Apple and Android?

So, what’s the difference then? It’s simple – the difference is in the heads of users. I remember one time I conducted a survey on a website in which I asked our readers would buy an iPhone if the question was not about money. More than half answered yes. Honestly, I did not expect such a result.

This proves once again that the iPhone is not as bad as many people want to talk about it, but they bomb either because they want to, but expensive, or they just frenziedly believe that only they are right in their choice. These are the people who say that they drink only light and dark [bad]. Or those who have saved up for Ford Focus and say that KIA and the rest are worth nothing. Replace yourself with the words you think of.

Nevertheless, as I said, the iPhone is good for exactly what it is. Android is good for the same, but now we are talking about the importance of the former for Android users. I’m an Android fanatic, but I’m glad the iPhone exists anyway. First, there is a device that keeps the competition going. Usually only we – the buyers – benefit from it. And secondly, it shows that there may be an alternative vision for the phone. Even if it is becoming less and less alternative, but it is.


Android is Copying Apple?

The iPhone seems to be saying to the manufacturers of Android smartphones: “Here’s how I can! Look, this is also possible, better or just like the users”. As a result, Android manufacturers have not only competitors on the same operating system that differ from each other a little less than a little, but also from the outside. Again, this also works in the opposite direction.

Many will say that peeping makes the operating system worse. Like, they licked this function, but it is not convenient. I wonder if they wondered why they licked it? Probably serious people who think what will be in the new version of the operating system sat down, though, and decided that it is really convenient. Plus, as they say, millions of flies cannot be wrong, and if this has gained popularity among one smartphone society, then another may like it. If it doesn’t work, you can always cancel everything. Moreover, this already happened, and both sides of the barricades rolled back their functions to their old form.

Of course, not everyone argues as in the example I gave at the beginning of the article. Nevertheless, there are a lot of such readers and they are common. There were, of course, cases when in an article about OnePlus I said that the second-generation iPhone SE is very worthy against the background of a top-end Chinese novelty and they agreed with me. Objectively, considering the difference in price at that time, my statement was correct.

It doesn’t matter, both then and now, smartphones from Apple are as important for Android users as Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others. Android smartphones are also important for iPhone users. If you don’t like it, you can simply not buy – we have a free market. But there is a positive influence in both directions.

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