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Which Android 11 Feature Am I Missing On iPhone

iOS is an entirely self-sufficient platform, which not only is not inferior to Android but, in many ways, even surpasses it. After all, if at first Apple was rather careful in introducing new features, then over time, it dispersed and began to act much more actively. As a result, in just a few years, iOS has turned from a seemingly stagnant operating system into a somewhat promising platform that meets the requirements of most users. iOS 14 turned out to be so cool at all that against its background. Android 11 looked like a pass-through patch. But there is an essential feature in Android that I am missing on iOS.

It’s about the history of notifications. This is a relatively new feature that only appeared in stock Android this year. However, this is one of those innovations that are truly difficult to overestimate. It allows you to view the contents of all notifications that came to your device, even if you closed them by accident.


The Notification has Closed. What to do?

I don’t know about you, but I have incidents now and then when I unwillingly swiped on the notification and accidentally closed it without having time to read it. And it’s also good if I managed to see the application where the notification came from. Then I at least had the opportunity to open it and see what was new there. But there are situations when you don’t even pay attention to the application icon, and, as a result, you miss an important event about deleted messages. As you probably know, some people first write a message and then delete it. With the history of notifications, you can catch them and roughly understand what they first wanted to talk to you about, and then changed their minds.

On iOS, the notification system is implemented, although it is quite comfortable for everyday use, but not well enough to be admired. Undoubtedly, the smart grouping of notifications, the ability to quickly respond to incoming messages or mute audio alerts are pretty good. But either I’m not so lucky, or I’m doing something wrong, but as an active user of this platform, more often than accidentally closing, I see notifications that do not open.

Android-11 features


The Notification Does Not Open

This is how it goes. Let’s say I see that Twitter is sending me a notification that a news site that I am reading has posted an interesting piece of news to me. I open it from a link from a tweet, read and block my iPhone or iPad, depending on what is at hand at the moment.

After a while, I receive another notification from Twitter and open it already. But, here’s the paradox, the article that I read and did not close after reading opens in front of me, and not a new tweet. As a result, I don’t even really have time to read the tweet that came, and I lose it. The notification history would solve this problem, but it doesn’t exist on iOS.


Android 11 Features Not Found on iOS

In general, when it comes to the ease of implementation of the OS, Google has no equal here. The developers of the search giant always take care to implement the innovations of Android precisely in the form in which it will be convenient to use them. Here are just a few examples of this concern:


  • Notification history
  • Message bubbles on top of other apps
  • System translator
  • Mute the call by turning the screen down
  • Smart password autocompletes
  • Document digitization function
  • Advanced power-saving mode
  • Returning apps to Google Play using the Google Assistant
  • Google Chrome voice control


In general, there are more convenient features on Android than on iOS. But if I can do without digitizing the documents, then I need the notification history. In her absence, I lose access to a fair amount of information, although I could not lose if only Apple were concerned about it. Why they don’t make history in Cupertino, I cannot understand. After all, when Android did not have this function, Google allowed it to be obtained by installing special applications, and Apple, in its usual manner, blocks them.

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