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Which Android Apps Should You Uninstall if You’ve Downloaded Them?

Despite the fact that Google assures every one of the maximum-security of Google Play, recommending that users download software only from their catalog, in fact, it is a very insecure place. From time to time, applications are found there that pose a danger to users, but for some reason are ignored by the censors of the search giant. It’s a good thing that cybersecurity researchers are detecting malware and reporting them to users.

By October 2020, more than two dozen malicious applications have accumulated on Google Play that belongs to the adware category. This type of software is riddled with ads that are broadcast on the user’s device in the background. That is, the program prevents the smartphone from falling asleep, even when its screen is turned off, and continues to display advertisements. As a result, the creators of such software receive money for views, although the software itself may not even have the declared functionality.

Which Android Apps Need to be Removed

These applications are:

  • Shoot Them
  • Crush car
  • Rolling Scroll
  • Helicopter Attack – New
  • Assassin Legend – 2020 New
  • Helicopter Shoot
  • Rugby pass
  • Flying Skateboard
  • Iron it
  • Shooting Run
  • Plant monster
  • Find hidden
  • Find 5 Differences – 2020 New
  • Rotate shape
  • Jump jump
  • Find the Differences – Puzzle Game
  • Sway man
  • Desert Against
  • Money destroyer
  • Cream Trip – New
  • Props Rescue

Adware is the most lightweight type of malware. They do not pretend to steal your data, money and do not conduct surveillance. All they do is show ads, lots of ads. True, in addition to the fact that it often interferes with the work of the applications themselves, it also leads to the premature discharge of the smartphone. After all, the device continues to discharge even at rest. As a result, during the night due to the display of advertising in the background, the battery can be discharged quite noticeably, although this does not happen under normal conditions.
However, some of the apps on this list have proven to be deeply invasive. That is, having received permission to display on top of the screen, they injected advertisements directly into the operating system interface. Because of this, banners appeared in the notification curtain, on the desktop, and even on the lock screen. Despite the fact that the most logical way to get rid of this trash is to uninstall apps, some of them only hid when they got on the device.

How to Remove Ads on Android

The most effective way to remove ads from the Android interface is to remove all the software that adds them there in safe mode. We have already described how to enter the device into this mode and what steps you need to take to remove the malware.
The second method – easier, but slightly less secure – is to force adblocking. It is suitable if you cannot find the application and uninstall it. Here we have detailed how to enable DNS ad blocking and forget about it forever.
In general, to be honest, it’s much better to just keep track of what you install from Google Play. Focus on the number of downloads, the names of the applications, the number of ratings and reviews. But, even if everything is in order, be careful with the distribution of system privileges. After all, it is strange when a calculator application requests access to contacts or SMS, and some photo editing utility requires that it be given permission to change system settings or display on top of the rest of the screen.

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