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Tricks to Know Who is Calling You

Surely you have ever been called by a number that you do not know, which has made you hesitate to pick it up or hang up, trying to avoid being asked a survey or selling us something that we have repeated many times we do not want. This widespread problem has some solutions to avoid wasting our time on the phone.

There are also methods to prevent phone numbers that we have already detected as spam, bother us again. We are going to show you all those tricks you need to be able to use our mobile without being disturbed by anyone at nap time or any other.

Applications to detect who calls us

In the Google application store, we have millions of applications and as you can imagine, some are designed to solve this widespread problem. Each of them has a function that differentiates it from the rest, allowing us to choose the one that best suits our problem and need.



The application par excellence to detect annoying calls and be able to identify phone numbers is Truecaller. An application with a long history and that has more than 11 million downloads, something that supports it against the competition.

One of the highlights of this app is its large community, which, being so wide, offers a very complete list of numbers. This is achieved thanks to the registration that we must do when entering the application, from that moment other users will be able to know like us that we are not a number destined for spam. We can thus also know the annoying calls that other users have received, preventing us from falling into their trap in the same way.

In addition, the application has many other interesting functions, allowing us not to see spam or annoying phones in our call logs. If we wish, we can also block numbers or mark them as spam, so that the platform is aware of it and begins to inform the rest of the users.



Another of our options is called Hiya, an app that is also completely free. its use is very similar to the previous one, with a database different but totally valid, it will allow us to know exactly who is calling us. With this app we can also generate a blacklist, preventing the call from even entering our phone and being directly ignored. It also has a modern style that makes it more attractive than the rest, something that always makes users feel more attracted to the work that developers have done.

A very interesting function is to be able to search for companies and get in touch with them from the application itself, avoiding having to look for it and having to test numbers that are often not correct. A very useful way to solve all those problems that calls can generate.

Google Phone

To finish with the apps that we can use to identify calls, we find Google’s own, which in addition to having millions of users, has to its credit a database associated with the world’s largest search engine. This will allow us to know the number of all those businesses that appear on Google Maps, which means, the vast majority.

An application that does not identify users, although it will alert us that a call is a possible spam, which will save us picking up the call and then allow us to block it so that it does not ring again with that number. Another of the very useful functions of this own Google app is to answer calls with a message, quickly informed that we cannot answer you now, but we will contact you later.

Alternatives to know who is calling us

If we are not interested in installing any application, we can always resort to some alternative methods that many of us have used before. There are options that will take us a little longer but are equally valid to identify in certain circumstances who the person on the other side is or if it is a phone spam call.

Add the contact and check it

With the arrival of new technologies, everything has its pros and cons, depending on the situation and the moment in which we find ourselves. For us, it will be positive, since we will be able to find out who has called us and if it is worth calling them back.

To find out, we are going to save the phone number in your agenda and then we will not go to the most used messaging application, WhatsApp. If we go to the contacts section, we will be able to look for the name with which we have saved the phone number that called us and check if it has WhatsApp.

In case you have it and you are not a cautious user, we may see your profile photo or even your personal information. This will give us some clues that can make us totally clear whether or not we want to call the contact back.

Use the Google search engine

A tool that we have used for many years to identify numbers is to search for it in Google, something that continues to work and allows us to often find in the first results a website dedicated to identifying user complaints about annoying phone calls.

With this, we save installing applications or saving contacts, although it is true that it is less effective since in case it is not a call identified as spam, we will not be able to know who is on the other side of the phone.

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