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SEO Abroad: How to Promote Your Website

To effectively sell goods and services not only in your region but also around the world, translating the site into other languages is not enough – this is only the visible part of the iceberg, which has a very indirect connection with a real increase in sales. In reality, the task is much more difficult.

To take a leading position in the search results, it is necessary to establish the work of marketing channels with maximum synergy: content marketing should be tightly linked to SEO tasks, contextual, and targeted advertising. At the same time, search engine optimization is a framework for the work of other tools (context, target, SMM), since it helps to create pages that close users’ search queries. It is more profitable to drive commercial traffic to optimized pages, which is reflected in an increase in conversion.

It is important to understand what is a sales page for foreign clients. What blocks should such pages contain so that after SEO optimization, other promotion tools work with maximum efficiency?

An integrated approach to a marketing campaign will then be a set of picks, where SEO or even some kind of search engine marketing will act as the real master key for opening new markets.




The difficulty of SEO-promoting a website abroad is associated not only with the difference in the mentality and language characteristics of residents. Even the toolbox is changing. If Yandex  Wordstat is used to analyze the frequency of requests in Russia, then for foreign markets, you have to use combinations of SEMrush, Google Trends, SimilarWeb, etc.


Features of Search Algorithms

The principles of the search algorithms also differ depending on the region. For example, in the US and Europe, external links and internal linking are the most significant factors, while age and domain names are less emphasized. This is primarily due to antitrust activities, since in many industries the markets of these territories have long been formed, and young companies, otherwise, would not have had a chance to advance. In less economically developed regions, the situation is polar.


Analysis of Competitors

In order not to spend a lot of time on general market research, you should start with an analysis of competitors in all directions at once: how their sites are arranged, what they write about, what services are being promoted in the region, what is the level of optimization and how the link building strategy is implemented.


Information Requests

In the foreign market, the division of requests into informational and commercial ones is not arranged in the same way as in Russia. What we habitually seem to be related to sales, in the West can have a completely different meaning and play a negative role in marketing communication with a client.

For this reason, working with information requests should be related to the creation of thematic content, which, perhaps, is not directly related to the product, but shows the audience the company’s competence. Through such a trusting relationship with an expert in his field, one of the most powerful traffic and lead channels is formed.


Checklist of Works

SEO as a promotion tool works on a cumulative basis, so you should not expect instant results and capture of foreign markets, but if you correctly plan your campaign, having identified the milestones, the result will not belong in coming.

Optimization and promotion work is best done in stages. A clear structure will help you achieve results faster.

Competitor Analysis

You don’t have to compete with abstract companies that follow all the thousand rules of search engines. To get to the top of the search results, you need to understand what words and queries specific market players are working with and impose on them a fight for positions.

We can talk about design decisions that affect user experience for a long time. Market research shows that foreign companies rarely use any elements of abstraction in IT-related topics. Visitors are almost always shown the face of the company: office, employees, infrastructure, to set up a serious attitude towards the product. Therefore, the choice of such solutions has a positive effect on the depth of view and affects the conversion. The analysis showed that in Western markets security audit is treated as a service, therefore security audit service is one of the key queries in the rubric, while Russian users almost completely ignore such a combination, or mean service by it.


Collecting the semantic core

There are quite a few pitfalls here associated with the perception of information in other linguistic cultures. In the field of information security services, there are also restrictions related to local laws.

There is a fresh example of this: a couple of weeks ago, the European Court banned the storage of personal data (PD) of its citizens in the United States. Now companies from the USA that work with the PD of Europeans need to have a representative office in the EU. For companies like Facebook, this ban is, of course, unpleasant, but it leaves openings for the retreat. Others may have to leave the local market.

This news feed itself forms several semantic links that are inherent only in the countries involved in the judicial decision. In the field, demand has changed, perhaps high-frequency queries and additional vocabulary associated with them have appeared. For this reason, you must always monitor the news agenda to quickly adapt to market changes.

In terms of working with the semantic core, it is extremely important to distinguish between commercial and information requests. Site pages that have a commercial component must be optimized accordingly: the content of the pages must sell and be useful for visitors. Also, the page must contain CTA elements so that it is easy for a potential client to contact the company.

If the request is informational, CTA elements may be absent altogether, but the content is given increased attention – it should be comprehensive, high-quality, and maximally useful to the reader. The list of information requests should be the basis of content marketing promotion. In the case of information security services, competitors rarely use chatbots and pop-ups to collect visitor contacts, although these are quite popular tools in the Russian market.

Internal Website Optimization

Optimization of sites for voice search is gaining weight in Western markets. This mechanism works most effectively in situations when the business is local, and its target audience is people living nearby. Some of the most popular commercial queries are related to the search for the nearest places where a person can be provided with the service he needs. In many cases, voice search results depend not only on-site optimization but also on the user’s current geolocation. The above example refers to the B2C segment, but similar mechanisms operate in B2B, only the very concept of location is often expanded to the scale of the region.


The mobile version is still one of the most important growth points. It is necessary to remove all 404 errors and duplicate pages, optimize images, possibly change hosting, and remove heavy scripts. The fixes in this area are very diverse, but mainly pursue one goal: to ensure stable, fast work on all devices and browser versions.

Link building and work with the content of internal pages

The concept of link building includes not only the search for thematic sites and the placement of specialized copyright content on them but also the optimization of texts on existing pages, taking into account popular search queries.

Updating the semantic core through the reporting period

Position tracking will help you effectively allocate your budget between creating your content and buying links and give you a general understanding of whether your campaign is going in the right direction.

While some SEO success metrics change slowly, it’s important to be able to recognize trends and change priorities as needed. This will help lead the client to the desired positions along the shortened route.

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