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Paid Traffic as a Tool in B2B Marketing

Paid traffic, be it contextual advertising, targeted advertising, or YAN (Yandex advertising network), is an integral part of promoting the company’s products in the B2B segment. The advertising campaigns (AC) themselves work according to different scenarios than in the B2C detail, since regardless of the sphere in which the organization operates, the very mechanics of decision-making and, as a result, the timing of the transaction is different.


In B2C, sales are often impulsive, influenced by various emotional factors. It is easier to interest a user in a product or service if discounts are provided. In B2B, sales are based on a well-tuned company strategy. The personal qualities of the participants in the transaction are of great importance. A group almost always makes decisions of people, so advertising campaigns in this segment should take into account their interests and close professional expectations from the product. Discounts are less significant because the cost of the solution is not the dominant factor. The quality of the product and the competence of the employees with whom you have to work are much more critical.

Nothing helps to increase sales in B2B more than competently setting up all elements of an advertising campaign. There should be an interaction between its components. There should be a synergy that comprehensively affects customers at all levels of the sales funnel. For this reason, the launch of paid traffic should be based on a strategic rationale, why the budget is spent in this direction, what goals must be achieved by investment in advertising.


Features of Paid Traffic

A key feature of paid traffic is the exclusivity of the leads it can generate. High traffic from organic SERPs is undoubtedly a necessary and useful thing, but even it is inferior to the possibilities of targeted advertising on LinkedIn.


Ads or newsletters on this social network can attract specific customers that the customer company planned to see as partners. There is a unique term, Person-based marketing, to denote such activity. This type of marketing involves individual work with decision-makers, which consists of the collection and analysis of their behavior on the Internet.


Another point is that for the successful closing of a deal, as mentioned earlier, an integrated approach and attention to individual components is essential.


Promotion Strategy Using Paid Traffic

Each ad campaign is unique, if only because the initial data is different at the moment when paid traffic comes into play. It can be a brand-new business or a company that has had negative advertising experience in the past. Certain amendments may also be made depending on the scope of the organization or the seasonality of the proposals.


Nevertheless, it is possible to single out specific steps in the global strategy that are inherent in most of the promotion scenarios in the B2B segment using YAN, targeted and contextual advertising.


  • setting goals for the correct tracking of analytics;
  • work with the client’s website: implementation of recommendations aimed at resource optimization and lead generation;
  • setting up search advertising in Yandex. Direct and Google Ads;
  • creation of dynamic search campaigns;
  • setting up remarketing campaigns;
  • additional customization of movements in the CCM and YAN taking into account new users;
  • restarting ads based on the selection of more converting ones.


How to Use Paid Traffic Correctly?

It is generally accepted that paid ads in B2B are necessarily expensive, and the cost of a lead is necessarily hundreds of dollars. In reality, a lot depends on the field of activity of the company, and it is wrong to determine any good indicators of the cost of a click or lead in isolation from the total income from a transaction.


In absolutely any advertising campaign, the cost of attracting customers should not be higher than the income they provide. Still, in B2B, even a margin of 10% of the transaction can be an indicator of the success of an ad. Accordingly, the wider the marginality of the transactions, the more successful the campaign.


This is not to say that paid B2B traffic is unambiguously more expensive than B2C traffic. Instead, it makes sense to talk about the more significant difference per click between highly competitive queries and the second position. There can be a critical difference between the most relevant question and its closest synonym. Therefore, in B2B, it is so essential to research the market before launching an advertising campaign to understand precisely how different users from the target audience are looking for a product, what tasks they plan to solve by purchasing it.


How it Looks in Practice

The first stage of such advertising campaigns always has a test shade and determines the most exciting keywords for further targeted work with them. The duration of the period is, on average, from two days to two weeks.


Attention to keywords is necessary not so much from the position of defining more marginal queries, but instead to cut off non-targeted traffic and work only with the audience segment that influences decision-making and promotes sales.


During the testing period, the cost of a lead may be higher, but the company receives valuable information about which direction it is going. Based on this data, new ads are compiled, and landing pages are adjusted, which consistently leads to a decrease in the cost of a lead to $ 70-75, which completely satisfied the client.

No other promotion tool could provide such explosive growth as paid traffic in this example.

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