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What do We Know About the OPPO Foldable Smartphone? Why is it Needed When There is Samsung?

Foldable smartphones first literally burst into our lives. Then gradually, somehow, everything settled down and many market players simply dropped out. Especially those who, at the very beginning, simply released their models on the principle of “so it was”. Among such manufacturers are some Chinese “no-names”, as well as Huawei and Motorola. The first dropped out for obvious reasons related to current difficulties and simply the inadequate price tag. The latter released their smartphones and had even more problems. Moreover, one can even say that almost no one has seen the company’s smartphones live. But everyone saw how they break. As a result, the second generation went almost unnoticed. Now we can talk about a foldable smartphone from OPPO. What is it and why should or shouldn’t you buy it? Let’s figure it out!

Foldable Phones

The development of foldable phones in the smartphone industry is really slow. This is due to the fact that the technology is new and still needs to be studied. Folding screens are still expensive and few people know how to make them. And those who know how must somehow beat back those billions of dollars invested in development. Nevertheless, the scheme works quite stably and the same Samsung is gradually releasing more and more new models of folding smartphones. There are already three models in her arsenal and something tells me that this is just the beginning.

In general, the development of the industry is quite stable. At the moment, only a few smartphone manufacturers have a foldable phone on the shelves. Companies like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Royole, and a few others boast at least one foldable phone. However, popular manufacturers such as Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, and others do not have them. Now, a document from LetsGoDigital reveals that Oppo is working on its foldable device.

Oppo’s foldable phone prototype appeared on the web last year. However, Oppo has yet to release any related product. A recent report shows that a Chinese manufacturer has applied for a patent for a foldable phone. This is already a big step, as obtaining a patent most likely speaks of the company’s serious intentions. Considering that OPPO has a high position in the smartphone market and sells more than 100 million devices a year, its recent moves towards new devices such as watches and headphones once again confirm its serious intentions.

OPPO Foldable Smartphone

As a result, on the basis of patent images, specialists created renderings of a new smartphone and showed what it could be. Of course, we will not know the exact details until the smartphone comes out, but you can get a general idea right now.
Smartphones such as the Huawei Mate X fold the screen outward. This design has its advantages, but it is the folding display that is very fragile and easily scratched. As a result, folding inward is much more practical. This is the path that most manufacturers have chosen. So will the new OPPO when (if) it comes out.
The folding mechanism is very similar to what Microsoft used in its strange device and called Surface Duo. There is a chance that this design will make the fold slightly smaller. And at the same time, it will increase the life of the smartphone.

The Reliability of a Foldable Smartphone

The mechanism is slightly wider than the phone itself. This should allow the phone to be protected at various points. The most interesting thing is that the smartphone followed the path of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and is somewhat reminiscent of the classic clamshell of the past. This design looks a little dubious. Yes, we are getting a foldable smartphone and technologically it’s cool. But such a smartphone does not provide any advantages.
It’s a completely different story when we have something like the Galaxy Gold or Huawei Mate X, that is, a smartphone that turns into a tablet. This solution is much more practical. Yes, and you can use it without folding it, and the design that the new OPPO will have will require a mandatory opening.

On the other hand, if the hinge is indeed better than the competition, it will significantly improve the user experience. For example, the user does not have to listen to strange creaking sounds while folding. At the same time, the mechanism will not work so tightly. Especially over time.
However, too much flexibility can also be a drawback, because in this case, the device can fold too easily in a pocket. In addition, it must prevent dust and dirt from entering the mechanism.

Why You Need a New Foldable Phone

It’s too early to say when this smartphone will be released and whether it will be released at all. But even though there is already a firmly established Samsung in the market, the emergence of new foldable smartphones will push the industry forward and make such devices cheaper and more mainstream. Users will have plenty to choose from, and at the same time, they will get at least some variety of communication means. After all, with the release of smartphones, you lost it. Whether it was before when there were candy bars, sliders, clamshells, and just phones of an incomprehensible shape.

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