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OnePlus Co-Founder Left the Company to Create a New Brand

OnePlus has existed not so long ago, but even during this time, it was able to win over tens of millions of users around the world. True, this year the company slightly changed its strategy, starting to produce not only flagship devices but also something from the middle price range. You will remember the OnePlus X, but it was a little different then. Then the main devices cost much less than competitors, and then there are rumors about the release of new inexpensive models. Anyway, but now there is news that one of the founders is leaving the company. And he does this in order to create a new brand. How much can you? On the other hand, if he succeeds once, then he knows what he is doing. It remains only to understand what kind of brand it will be when it will appear and whether it will be independent.

Who Founded OnePlus

The news of Carl Pei’s departure from OnePlus came as a big surprise, as he not only sits in a cool office with a huge leather chair but also often “comes out”. Many people know him from the events that he holds. He has become a more familiar face, especially when it comes to product launches, press conferences, and interviews for Western audiences.

Hints of the company’s co-founder leaving first appeared on Reddit. An internal note has surfaced there detailing OnePlus’ leadership. Carl Pei’s name was missing from the document. In the document, he was replaced as head of the OnePlus Nord lineup by Emily Dai, Regional CEO for India. The document states that Dai will report directly to Pete Lau.
It may seem that such a source is not sufficient reason to believe that Pei is indeed leaving the company. But there is other evidence as well. In particular, the technical website Android Central reports that this news was confirmed by two sources at once. There is also evidence from the Android Police, which was the first to publish the news of the departure of a high-ranking employee. However, both of these sites reported that OnePlus declined to comment on the matter after they reached out to it for comment.

A New Business of OnePlus Founder

Now we need to figure out where Carl Pei is going. Such specialists do not go anywhere and, as a rule, find themselves a new good job. They either occupy one of the management positions in another company that works in this area, or they go against everyone and create a new company.
It is much more difficult to create a real competitor in the smartphone market now than it was a few years ago. This has been proven more than once in practice. Even the fact that Andy Rubin was never able to promote his Essential brand, despite his big name, says a lot. Let me remind you that he is the creator of Android.

As for the further fate of Carl Pei, TechCrunch shared information that he is starting to work on a new brand. So far, there is no information about what exactly it will be. There is not even information about what the company will do. Most likely, it will be associated with smartphones, because this direction is well known to Pey, but there are other options in related areas. It is also unknown if this will be something completely independent or if it will be related to BBK Electronics, which includes OnePlus.

New BBK Gadgets

Cooperation with BBK, of course, will be much more preferable, because it means access to huge money and the absence of the need to search for third-party investors. There is another option that he will be engaged in some kind of subsidiary company OnePlus to create related products. But this scenario should be treated with a grain of salt because for this it was not at all necessary to remove him from the staff of the main company.

At the time of this writing, Carl Pei’s Twitter profile still reads “#NewBeginnings @oneplus”, which indirectly crosses out all of the above, but most likely this is just outdated information that has already been changed. As for his LinkedIn profile, he is still listed as a co-founder of OnePlus. On the other hand, this also does not mean anything, and even after leaving the company, he will still remain its co-founder.
Surely in the coming days or weeks, there will be many more details about his new job, but there is no smoke without fire, and when it comes to such news, there is little doubt that he is really leaving the company in which he co-founded.

How do you feel about such news? Or from them to you, as they say, “neither hot nor cold.” Just remember that the departure of such employees can affect the company’s policy.

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