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Ok Google Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Voice command “Ok Google” is one of the most convenient ways to call the Google Assistant, for which you don’t even need to pick up your smartphone from the table. In some cases, it can stop working for a number of reasons, but it is easy to fix. If the device does not respond to the command, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Check if Google Assistant is turned on

Press and hold the Home button on your Android phone or tablet.

  • If you see the message “Hello! How can I help?”, Google Assistant is on. Now tap the compass icon in the bottom right corner, tap on your profile photo → Settings → Voice Match. Turn on Access with Voice Match.

Ok Google Not Working

If you want to set up automatic unlocking of the device using the voice command “Ok Google”, additionally enable the function “Unlock with Voice Match”.

Ok Google Not Working

  • If you don’t see this message, open the Google app, click on the three dots in the bottom left corner → Settings → Voice → Voice Match. Turn on the Assistant, then turn on Access with Voice Match.

Ok Google Not Working

If you want to set up automatic unlocking of the device using the voice command “Ok Google”, additionally enable the “Unlock with Voice Match” function.

Ok Google Not Working

Step 2. Disable Adaptive Power and Power Saving Mode

Open Settings → Battery → Adaptive power consumption and disable. Also, go to the Power Saving Mode section and disable it.

If you have a smartphone with a third-party shell, for example, Xiaomi or Huawei, in addition, in the Battery section, disable the proprietary battery control modes that restrict the background activity of applications. They may be called Energy Saving, Application Launching, etc.

Step 3. Once Again Teach the Assistant to Recognize Your Voice

  • Press and hold the home button, tap the compass icon in the lower right corner and tap on your profile photo: now go to Settings → Assistant → Voice sample.
  • Click Remove Voice Sample and confirm.
  • Turn on Access with Voice Match.
  • Record your voice following the instructions. Write it down in a quiet place and speak as if you were speaking to a person.

If you have a Google app version 7.1 and below:

  • Click on “Recognition Ok Google” → “Delete voice pattern” and confirm the action.
  • Record your voice again.
  • Turn on “Recognize Ok Google” always.

After that, the “Ok Google” team will certainly start working. Also, do not forget to update the Google app – an old version of the program may also affect the function.

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