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Can Android Smartphones be Charged with Apple’s MagSafe Charger?

I think you know that Qi technology is the modern standard for wireless charging. It involves equipping the smartphone with a special induction transmitter that is able to receive energy from the charger at a distance of up to 4 cm. Convenience, frankly, is rather questionable, especially since the wires still go to the charging station itself. But most smartphone manufacturers were unable to offer something more modern and convenient, and only Apple made MagSafe, which now everyone wants to charge.

The main question for many Android users, which they started asking after the iPhone 12 presentation, is can any smartphones be charged with MagSafe? It is logical that without special magnetic mounts, which should be built into the case of the new iPhone and are not built into the cases of other devices, most likely, it would be impossible to use the new Apple charger. But MagSafe is not only a charger but a magnetic attachment method.

How MagSafe Charging Works

iPhone 12 has a built-in ring made of magnets, thanks to which both a charger and external accessories such as cases or wallets can be attached to its case. Plus, thanks to the magnetic mount, MagSafe and iPhone 12 pair up to support 15W charging. But since MagSafe is a Qi-compatible charger, it can charge any smartphones that support wireless charging. However, the charging speed will be limited to 7.5 watts.

Logically, to charge any Qi-compatible smartphone, it should be placed on the MagSafe platform so that the induction coil coincides with the power source, and not touch them. But, as it turned out, some devices were able to magnetize Apple’s new charging gadget. At the moment, at least four Android smartphones are known that support MagSafe: Google Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 FE and OnePlus 8T. Perhaps there are others, but checks with them simply were not carried out.

What You Need to Know About Charging MagSafe

These devices were not only able to start charging but also magnetically magnetized MagSafe to their cases. What exactly this is connected with is difficult to say unequivocally. It is known that the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a hidden magnet system that holds the folding parts in a folded position. But other smartphones don’t have confirmed magnets, do they? Therefore, the only possible explanation for this effect is the magnetization of the charging to the induction coil built into the body of smartphones.

So, once again, thesis:

  • Can I charge Android smartphones with MagSafe Chargers?

Yes, you can, it can work as a regular wireless charger;

  • Will MagSafe harm a non-Apple smartphone?

No, it won’t hurt. MagSafe has a built-in coil and is Qi-certified like any other wireless charger;

  • How much power does MagSafe charge smartphones?

For iPhone 12 – this figure is 15 W, and for all other devices – 7.5 W;

  • Will MagSafe be attached to Android smartphones with built-in magnets?

This is possible, but it all depends on the design of the apparatus;

  • Will MagSafe charge Android smartphones at 15W?

No, it will not. Apple has developed a charging standard that is only compatible with the new iPhone 12 and not with others.

Whether or not a MagSafe charger is worth buying is up to everyone. But, if you do not have an iPhone 12, I would not bother with this, because you will not be able to extract the practical benefits of purchasing this gadget and not another. After all, many modern flagships support wireless charging over 15W, and with MagSafe, you only have to be content with 7.5W. As a result, you will lose money and, as such, you will not feel the benefits. Therefore, take a novelty only in one check from the iPhone 12.

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