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How do I Feel about Leaks of New Smartphones?

This week there was an event that once again made us think about what is generally happening in the world of technology. On the one hand, everything is cool, and we are constantly shown new gadgets. Samsung held three presentations in a month and a half and showed really top and interesting products at each one. But there is a downside to these presentations. Or rather, in what conditions they are held. More broadly, you can even say the time at which they are held. Now the information has become so accessible that sometimes it is in abundance. This also applies to leaks that constantly occur before the presentation. I would like to give my opinion on such leaks and hear what you have to say about it. Let’s begin.


Presentation of a New Smartphone

I remember the times when I knew that a new smartphone was due out around September. There were no leaks, no additional information, nothing. At first, there was only an approximate date. Then the exact date appeared and everyone was waiting for the broadcast, like the final match of the World Cup. I wanted to know what the company will show there and what the next generation smartphone will be like.

If there was no broadcast and the presentation was just “in the hall”, I waited for news in which one could read that today such and such a company presented a new smartphone and it has such characteristics. It was so nice to find out all this in one moment after a long intrigue.

Then gradually some news began to leak before the presentations. At the early stage, it was just speculation and fantasy. From them, it only became more interesting, since it was possible to speculate and imagine what they could present.

After that, facts about the new product, technical characteristics, appearance, price, and so on began to flow away. The apotheosis of this was the situation when website pages, slides from a presentation, or even ready-made smartphones were leaking.


Where do the Rumors Come from Before the Presentation of the Smartphone?

At first, such leaks were truly random, and companies fought them as best they could. Later, when they realized that this could be a good way to attract attention not only during the presentation but also between them, companies began to use it. If you think that the photos of the case at the factory were taken by a brave Chinese man who is not afraid of losing his work after posting such a photo, you are wrong.

To take such a photo, you have to try hard to remain unnoticed. I remember reading an interview with a developer who made some of the first apps for the first-generation iPad. He said that they were taken into a room where a new gadget was firmly embedded in the table so that it was impossible to understand what they were working on looked like. In addition, the room was constantly monitored and there was an Apple representative. And if you still managed to photograph the screen of the device, then you were given out by the texture of the table, which each employee had his own. This is what I understand the fight against leaks.

I work a lot with big brands. Of course, they cannot say this directly, but I have heard clear hints that one or two photographs may be merged on purpose. At the same time, they are merged so methodically that even the security service sometimes does not know about it.

So, if the company wants to keep it all under wraps, then rest assured that there will be a mystery. Let the components be made by thousands of people in different factories, but you can still control the process. Even if some screw or camera module is leaked, it will not change anything globally, but full specifications and renders are leaked. This is already a problem.


Why I don’t Like Leaks

I don’t know about you, but I have a very negative attitude toward this. I want it to be interesting for me to watch an event where a long-awaited gadget is shown to me. Instead, I have to go to events where they show a novelty and nod my head on “serious cabbage soup”. Like, it was, it was also guessed, but here it is 128 GB, not 256 GB, but this does not change anything. Intrigue to the last is usually only the price, and even then, not always.

Now, instead of peeking a little, we just look through the wide-open door. We see everything, we get disappointed in advance, and then we do it again at the presentation. As if we were waiting for the manufacturer to completely redo everything in a month and say that the leak was a distraction. Sometimes, of course, it happens, but not often.

As I said, this is a sign of the times and now it will not be otherwise. In addition to the fact that in general, it has become a little easier to get information and replicate it, so also manufacturers have their own “authoritative insiders”. This will continue until one of the large companies wants to change the trend. It is even better if it were several companies at once. But nobody needs it and everyone is happy with it. Why? Because it’s easier to be in the public eye this way and to be constantly talked about. Throw a bone to technology fans, and they will be happy.

I told why I don’t like it. What prompted me to think about this was how the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE leaked a week before the presentation. Maybe this is an autumn blues and then I will treat the lack of intrigue at the presentation easier, but this is unlikely. For several years now I’ve been catching myself thinking that I continue to love and be interested in gadgets, but presentations have become something of a duty for me and have ceased to arouse the former interest.

How do you feel about the fact that much about the new product becomes known in advance? Maybe it’s easier for you to make a choice, buy a new smartphone now, or wait? Or maybe you just don’t like waiting for the presentation and want to know everything at once.

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