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How to Use Spotify on Your Google Home

Today we are going to explain how to use Spotify on your Google Home. If you have just bought a Google Home, you already know that when you ask the device to play music for you, it will do so using Google’s own music services. However, there is a way you can configure it to use Spotify.

To do so, first, we are going to tell you how to link your Spotify account with Google. By doing this, you can specify to Google Home to play something for you on this service. But if you don’t want to have to specify, we will also explain how to configure Spotify as your default music service later.

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First Link Your Spotify Account

The first thing you have to do to add Spotify to your Google Assistant account, and then use it on Google Home. To do this, open the Google Home application on your mobile with which you control the assistant and your connected speaker, and on its main screen click on the Settings button that you will see with the gear wheel icon in the center.

How to Use Spotify on Your Google Home

Once you are in the Settings section, look in the Services section, and in it click on the option Podcasts. This is where you can link third-party accounts on Google so that you can later use them on your connected speaker.
You will enter the Podcast Services section, where at the moment you do not have too many alternatives beyond Netflix in the videos section or Spotify in the music and audio section. In the list of services, click on the + symbol to the right of Spotify to proceed to link your accounts of these services.

How to Use Spotify on Your Google Home

When you click on the option to link Spotify, you will have to enter your email and password on the web where the process opens. Once identified, you will come to a window in which you are asked for permission to connect Google with your Spotify account. Click on the OK button in this window to complete the account linking.
The process is exactly the same if you decided to link another account such as Netflix, with the difference that in this case, you would also need to determine your profile within the account so that what you see is registered in it and does not affect the experience of the rest of profiles.

Now Set Spotify as Your Default Service

Once you have linked the accounts you want to use, all you have to do is set Spotify as your default music service. To do this, return to the main page of your Google Home application, and in the top bar click on the Add button that you will see with the plus symbol.
You will enter the Add and manage menu. Here, you have to go to the Manage services section, and you must click on the Music and audio option to decide which service you want to use by default to play music on your Google Home.
You will enter a screen in which all the music services that you have linked to your Google Assistant account will appear. Here you only have to select Spotify among the options. From now on, when you ask the assistant through Google Home to play certain music without specifying which service to use, it will do so using Spotify by default.

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