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How to Turn on iOS 14 App Library on Any Android

Exactly a week ago, Apple released iOS 14. The launch, however, as well as the beta-testing update, went surprisingly smoothly. As a result, on the fifth day, the share of adoption of the new version of the operating system exceeded 25%, surpassing both iOS 12 and iOS 13. The abundance of new features, which the owners of the iPhone and iPad for most of the time, have been waiting for a very long time. However, as it turned out, Android users are also not averse to settle down with something new from iOS 14. Explain on my fingers how to get a library of apps on Android.

First, let’s take care of what an app library on iOS 14 is. In simple terms, it is a built-in software cataloging tool. When it is activated, it divides installed applications into groups and combines them into folders. However, unlike the usual folders, which users are free to create on their own, these have a larger look, allowing you to easily identify the content even without a name. As a result, games are combined into folders with games, social networks – with social networks, and recently launched – go to the recently launched.


How to Break Apps into Folders

On Android, you can’t catalog apps in the same way by default. But because Google, unlike Apple, does not restrict independent developers in creating software, Google Play has a lot of solutions to replace the library of applications from iOS 14. I chose, in my opinion, the most popular and the simplest – Smart Drawer. But, if you do not come to the utility of my choice for some reason, you can always find something in Google’s proprietary catalog to replace.

  • Download Smart Drawer to your Smartphone from Google Play;
  • Start it, turn on the automatic sorting function and click Start;

Smart Drawer ios 14

  • There will be a categorization of applications that can be switched between them with icons on the left;
  • If you need to move the app to another category, click on its icon and hold it, then drag it to where you want it to be;
  • If you’re not happy with the tab list, click on them and hold them until the context menu appears;
  • Here you can rename the existing tab, change its icon, or add your own tab.

Like the app library in iOS 14, Smart Drawer doesn’t work as a permanent mode. That is, you can start the cataloging feature and use it without leaving until you accidentally or intentionally do the return to your desktop – for example, do not swipe the screen from top to bottom or press the Home button. But, in my opinion, it is convenient because you are unlikely to want to travel to the settings and switch the mode to the usual. And so – a simple swipe and you’re in the familiar interface.

Even though the exterior design of the Smart Drawer is different from the incarnation of Apple, to my taste, this solution looks even better. Here you immediately see large tab icons and not forced to run through folders searching for the right applications. Such performance will definitely appreciate not only people with visual impairments, for whom the more visible object, the better, but users without such, because, anyway, all sorts of pointers in the form of pictures are perceived much better and only facilitate our lives.


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