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How to Turn Android into the iPhone in Minutes

It just so happens that many Android users want to make an iPhone out of their smartphone. Some people need it just to play a trick on their friends, others want to stand out, others are just interested, and the fourth like the iPhone more than the Android smartphone. As a result, questions constantly arise on how to make one or another similarity with an American smartphone. The Google Play there are lots of applications for it, and enthusiasts have come up with more and more new solutions. As the saying goes, “if the stars are lit, then someone needs it.” In the wake of the fact that the questions – “how to do this or that in Android as in the iPhone”, we have prepared a couple of tips. Let’s try?


How to Make Android Phone into iPhone

First of all, you need to understand that all the actions that you will perform will be at your own peril and risk. There is no guarantee that everything will work efficiently and correctly since this is only on the conscience of the developers, who decided for themselves how well to optimize a particular tool.

For me personally, some of the above tools led to the fact that the phone began to work normally only after a reboot. On the other hand, many users wrote that everything works fine. For myself, I realized that I played a little and don’t want to do this anymore, but it’s up to you how to treat it.


iPhone Lock Screen

The main thing that every smartphone user sees when they turn it on is the lock screen. It displays basic information – time, date, notifications, and quick functions. For the iPhone, this is a separate flashlight and camera, which have been accessible from the lock screen for several years.
To make the lock screen, and at the same time the control center of your Android smartphone the same as on the iPhone, you need to download a special application. For example, LockScreen Phone Notification.
The application interface is simple and Russified, but you will have to give out all conceivable and inconceivable permissions. There is little good about it, but if you are willing to take the risk, then you can try.

Turn Android into iPhone
You will be offered a choice of several wallpapers, the ability to customize control, and the interface of two phones – iPhone X and iPhone Xs. There are more advanced tools out there, but this one has the best reviews. Although, it worked for me, to put it mildly, so-so. I could only turn on the flashlight, fire up the camera, open notifications, and pull out the control panel. The rest was not available. Moreover, to disable such a lock screen, you had to restart the phone.
But everything looks like the real thing and on some phones, it will be displayed very cool. I had a strip on top from a regular lock screen. As I understand it, this is due to the fact that the tool is not optimized for the camera in the hole. This must also be remembered.


How to Install iPhone Launcher on Android

Installing a third-party launcher allows you to fix the most important discrepancy between operating systems – the home screen (desktop). In order for all the icons, their arrangement, wallpaper, service icons, and even the way to manage them, as on the iPhone, you also need to download one application. It’s called iLauncher. There are many suggestions for such a request, but I used this one as it has more positive reviews than others. Many other launchers work worse, and it is difficult to advise them, as they are often removed by censors.

How to Install iPhone Launcher on Android
Changing the look of the screen like this won’t give you much of an advantage, it will reset after using the app, and won’t show many of your apps. But the appearance will be very similar to iOS and you can get a feel for how the competing operating system works. It is also worth noting that the launcher is not resource-demanding and works very quickly. Therefore, it will not strain almost any smartphone.


iOS Notification Panel on Android

To separately replace the notification bar or just make it look more like the real one, you need to install another application called iNoty OS. It will make the status bar the same as in iOS. True, so far only the appearance of iOS 11 is supported.
But you can customize the display of everything you need and at the same time change the name of the network operator. You can write 14 characters to be displayed instead of your operator’s name.

iOS Notification Panel on Android

The downside is that it also worked so-so on my screen with a hole. You don’t need a lot of permissions to run the app, but you still need them. There are no special complaints about resource intensity, but the panel works so-so, often just flipping.


Is it Possible to install iOS on Android?

In general, you can turn Android into an iPhone, but not by installing iOS on it – it’s impossible. The transformation described above will be very conditional and you will hardly want to leave it in that form. You can just play around and show your friends, but for every day such decisions are so-so.
Ultimately, if you feel like having an iPhone, just buy it. You don’t have to buy an expensive new flagship. You can choose a great used machine. Moreover, even the five-year-old iPhone 6S still works very well, and it costs like a state employee on Android. It’s up to you, but if you want to install the iPhone interface on your Android smartphone, then most likely you shouldn’t restrain yourself and it’s better to take the iPhone right away. All the rest are crutches that will slow down your device a lot, and it will obviously work worse.

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