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How to Take a Selfie Without Picking up Your Phone

We all got into situations that required taking a selfie, but so that a large number of people would fit into it. Someone gets up more tightly for this, someone stretches out his hand, and someone lacks this. Moreover, even if you use the wide-angle lens mode for the front camera, this also cannot always solve the problem. In particular, due to the fact that the distortion at the edges of the frame, in this case, leads to the fact that the hand begins to resemble a mutated banana, which greatly spoils the photo. In order to fix this, you can just put the phone somewhere and stand in front of it or attach it to a monopod (selfie stick). But how do you press the shutter button in this case? There are a couple of ways.

How to Take a Selfie

Many of us found ourselves in a situation where we wanted to take a selfie, but there were too many people to fit all in one frame. As a result, you had to either stand up tighter or stretch your arm indefinitely so that everyone would fit. Often this did not help either.

Many will say that there is a wide-angle mode, and they will be right, but this is also a solution when distortions at the corners of the frame make it look like a mutated banana from the hand. As a result, the frame is almost spoiled, everything looks so-so and there is little joy from the collective photo.
An excellent option would be to put the smartphone somewhere or fix it on a monopod (selfie stick) and take a photo. But all monopods have the ability to control shooting, and timer shooting is also not always suitable. But there is a solution.

How to Take a Good Selfie on Huawei

Huawei smartphones offer many options for taking selfies and just taking photos with the main camera without physically pressing the shutter button. You will find all this in the camera settings (gear symbol in the upper right corner).
One of the options would be to shoot with a smile. If this mode is enabled, it will be enough to smile while looking at the camera and the picture will be taken. You can also enable sound control. You just need to tell it loudly for the camera to take a photo.

I did not use such functions on an ongoing basis, but I could not help but test them. Everything worked on the Huawei P20, Huawei P30 and a couple of other smartphones.
Some versions of the operating system also have a raise-your-hand control of the camera, but I did not find it in all smartphones that fell into my hands. If you have one, write the model and software version in the comments.

Remote Shooting on Samsung Smartphones

You will find similar options for Samsung smartphones. On these smartphones, the voice control algorithm can even distinguish between what needs to be done – a photo or a video. If you trigger a selfie with a palm gesture, the Samsung smartphone will first turn on a two-second timer. You calmly remove your hand and get the shot.
However, Samsung phones lack the smile detection feature. Instead, they suggest placing a shutter button anywhere on the screen. Of course, this method is not included in the ” hands-free ” category, but it can still be much more convenient so that you can take your smartphone differently and gain more arm-stretching distance.

How to Take a Hands-Free Selfie on Any Smartphone

If your smartphone doesn’t have smart software gimmicks like the ones mentioned above, you still have other options. For example, almost all manufacturers have customized the volume buttons as physical trigger buttons. On some devices, you can even configure one button for taking photos and the other for recording videos. All these functions must be found in the camera settings.
Smartphones from all manufacturers also offer a shutter timer function. With this feature, all you have to do is choose the time it takes you to take your hand away from your smartphone and take the desired position. After that, press the shooting button and after the set time a photo will be taken. For group selfies, it is recommended that you use a longer countdown so that everyone can get ready to shoot.

How the Selfie Stick Works

In the beginning, I said that a selfie stick, or, as it is more correct to call it, “monopod“, is not always convenient. But sometimes there is nothing without it, and people accept this method of photography, using it quite often.
Selfie sticks began to appear actively around 2012-2014. Their functionality relied heavily on the ability of smartphones to use the volume buttons as controls. These selfie sticks simply plug into the headphone jack or over Bluetooth. For shooting, a command to change the volume is sent to the smartphone.

The problem is that modern smartphones do not have a headphone jack, which means that the “stick” must work via Bluetooth or via an adapter to USB Type-C. I myself used it with Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei monopod. But this option is not suitable for everyone, so before buying such an accessory, look for information about whether this method is right for you.
If you often need to take photos without hands, then at least you will have a timer, which is always available on all smartphones. If you have one of the aforementioned smartphones, then the above are methods to help you. If you have another smartphone, then take a look at the camera settings. There, some manufacturers (often even on individual models) offer their own solutions. They may differ from model to model and from one version of the operating system to another, but they are sometimes very convenient.

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