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How to Stop YouTube From Pausing

Recently, YouTube has introduced a new feature that reminds of relaxation when watching videos. Now, during prolonged viewing, the message “Playback paused. Proceed?” There is a lot to argue about the expediency of this innovation. But it would be better to understand if there are options to remedy this situation.
To begin with, it should be said that the user himself can set the frequency of this message. But many still wanted it not to appear at all. This article will explore options for handling the new YouTube notification of “Playback Paused“.

Stop YouTube From Pausing on PC

To remove this notification on a PC, there is the following way – to install an extension in browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

The extension is called YouTube NonStop. It allows you to remove the message that pops up on the screen without user intervention. Of course, this will be noticeable, but in any case, the process will go faster.

Stop Youtube From Pausing (Youtube Nonstop)


After finding the required add-on, you need to add or install it in the browser. After a few seconds, a red NonStop icon appears, which is automatically activated and ready for use.

In the future, when watching YouTube videos, you need to keep this additional tool enabled. If necessary, also check for updates to the security of the browser and the computer as a whole.

Unfortunately, such a solution has not been developed for Opera and, as a rule, there are no alternatives, so in this case, you will either have to change the browser to listen to music from YouTube in it or periodically click the button to restore playback.

Stop YouTube From Pausing on Android and iOS

It is easier to remove the notification on mobile devices. To do this, you just need to go to the settings of the Youtube application.

As a rule, in smartphones based on Android, this application is preinstalled, so there is no need to perform additional actions. If you have iOS, then go to the Apple Store and download it.

Follow these 5 steps to stop YouTube from pausing on Android:

  1. Open YouTube application;
  2. On the top right there is a window with a little photo, there is an account registered and an avatar is installed. You need to click this window;
  3. In the proposed list, the “Settings” menu is selected;
  4. In the new menu, go to the first tab “General
  5. In the list that opens, we stop at the item “Remind me to take a break

Stop Youtube From Pausing

This is what causes the video to stop and the notification “Playback Paused” to appear. To prevent this message from appearing on Android or iOS, you need to deactivate the function by switching the toggle switch to the left.

If you still want to take breaks, you can set almost any notification frequency from 5 minutes to almost a day. That is, it turns out that the window with the message may not appear very often, and if you specify a reasonable interval, it may even be beneficial.

For example, if a person put something to cook or reheat on the stove, then you can set a reminder to rest for 20-30 minutes. And when it appears, then remember that you need to go to the kitchen.


With this problem, it is possible to do something on both PCs and mobile devices. It doesn’t take long and doesn’t take too many steps.

On the other hand, the maintenance of the notification can be caused by the need for breaks. After all, entertaining videos on YouTube can completely absorb the user’s attention. Because of this, he will forget about important matters and face problems. Therefore, a person has a choice of how to work with the provided function.

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