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How to Speed Up Google Chrome

Which browser ranks first in the ranking of the heaviest and slowest? Google Chrome, of course. Legend has it that Apple released a new Mac Pro with 1TB of RAM specifically to allow the search giant’s browser to open more than one tab. Of course, this is not true, but there are really many claims to the gluttony of Chrome, because of which the performance also suffers. Therefore, users themselves manage to somehow overclock it. And all you need is that you just listen to Google’s advice.

Max Kristoff, Chrome CTO, said that there is no objective reason not to like Google’s branded browser. You just need to find a competent approach to it, which literally every user can do.

Why Chrome is Slow

Update Chrome regularly. Every two months, Google releases updates to its browser, which, in addition to new features and vulnerability fixes, contains many in-depth improvements to speed up its operation.
Use the built-in task manager. Chrome has a dedicated task manager that shows you all running processes. It is possible that some of them have an increased load on the hardware and slow down the browser. Disable them. To activate it, open the context menu – “More tools” – “Task manager”.

Check the load of the tabs. Each tab you open in Chrome starts as a separate process. This allows the browser to process the data on the current page more efficiently. Some tabs may contain a heavy script or other elements that exert a load on the system. Check them out with the built-in task manager and disable them, and also try not to launch more than a dozen tabs at a time.

How to Stop Autoplaying a Video
Prevent autoplay videos. The automatic playback of videos on websites is a handy thing, but when you open several tabs, one of which is playing a video, it takes up computer resources, although you are not even using it at the moment. Many sites include this mechanism by default. So the only guaranteed way to stop autoplaying is with the AutoplayStopper extension.

Don’t include too many extensions at once. While extensions help extend the functionality of Chrome, keep in mind that they put a strain on your computer and the browser itself. Therefore, try to keep the extensions active at a minimum. This will help strike a balance between functionality and performance.

How to Speed Up Chrome

Use hardware acceleration. This is a special mechanism that allows Chrome to use not only the processor power but also the graphics. With its help, you can significantly speed up the processing of graphic elements on sites. To enable it, go to “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Hardware Acceleration”.

How to Speed Up Chrome
Use Chrome antivirus. Internet users are threatened by malware and viruses. Therefore, Google developers have built a special cleaning tool into Chrome, which is available only to Windows users. It allows you to clean the computer of all trash that has entered the memory and is potentially capable of overclocking it. To scan and clean, go to Settings – Advanced – Computer Cleaning.

Reset Chrome settings if all else fails. If suddenly Chrome starts to work slower than usual, and all of the above methods do not help, the only thing that remains for you is to reset the browser settings to factory settings. This will restore it to its original state, but it will not remove extensions, bookmarks, or passwords. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Reset settings”.
Quite frankly, some of the tips above may seem overly trivial. After all, what could be easier than recommending updates? Another thing is that this advice can really be effective, because new versions of the browser invariably improve its performance, increasing performance and reducing resource consumption. And, as far as tips on using the task manager and searching for viruses, I think many users have never even heard that Chrome, in principle, has such functions. So if updates don’t help, use them.

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