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How to Set a Video on Your Android Screen Saver

How do you customize your smartphone? There are actually quite a few options. You can install an interesting theme, replace application icons, roll a new firmware, or just a new launcher. But all these methods, firstly, differ greatly in the complexity of implementation, and, secondly, they lead to a too radical change in the interface design of the smartphone. Therefore, many are simply limited to installing new wallpapers. I, too, belong to them, but somehow I was impatient to install a video instead of a static picture.

First, let’s look at the myths that have accumulated around this topic. Many people sincerely believe that installing a video instead of a desktop image is either unrealizable, or it loads the smartphone’s hardware so much that there is simply no practical sense in this. But this is not the case. Not only is it really possible and quite easy to install video on your desktop, but it will not put any additional load on the hardware of your device. At least my Honor View 20, which is now 2 years old, kept flying even with the video on the splash screen.

How to Put a Video on Your Desktop

To install a video on your desktop, you need to download a dedicated application. I admit that some shells allow you to do this by standard means, but I did not have such an opportunity.

  • Download the Video Live Wallpaper app ;
  • Give him access to the Gallery application;
  • Select the video you want to install on your desktop from the list;
  • Mark the boundaries of the playback and confirm the setting.

It is very convenient that the Video Live Wallpaper application allows you to define the boundaries of the video so that the video set as the screensaver is not broadcast entirely, but only within certain limits. This can be very convenient if you want to set a fragment from your favorite movie or TV series on the screensaver. Just set the playback frames within which the video will be shown, and then resume.

Video Instead of a Picture on the Android Screen

The moment you confirm the installation, a video will appear on the screen of your smartphone, which will be played in an endless loop. By default, it is broadcasted without sound, but in the application settings, there is an option to enable an audio track that will accompany the original video sequence. True, I can’t even imagine who in their right mind would agree to turn on the sound on the videos that are on the splash screen, so that it plays continuously when the user is present on the desktop.

Should I put a video as a screensaver on my desktop? Well, it’s hard for me to answer this question unambiguously. On the one hand, there is such an opportunity on Android – albeit with the help of a third-party application – but, on the other hand, you need to take into account that there is no practical sense in this as such. Personally, I only had enough for a few switching on of the smartphone – as a result, I returned back a static image because I simply could not bear the ripples that accompany video playback. And the point here is not in the video that I chose, but in the very fact of mobility – sometimes it is really better to contemplate something motionless than vice versa.

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