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How to Find a Lost Smartphone, Even if it is Turned Off

With all due respect to Samsung, we can say that the company comes up with something new and promising much more often than others. Some of its developments are actively adopted by competitors, while something at the level of patents remains assigned to the company. But there are also functions in their devices that appeared long before them, and they simply copied them. These include a new mechanism for finding lost smartphones, even if they are turned off. It’s definitely very cool, but we saw this a couple of years ago. Whether it is really possible to return a lost expensive gadget in this way remains a mystery, but let such a function be better.

Lost My Phone. How to Find it?

It’s not even so much about the search function as about the whole service called SmartThings Find. Samsung dedicated a whole article to this topic on its news portal.

With this service, you can quickly and easily find Galaxy devices running Android 8 or newer. SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to find devices. The first is used to find people infected with the coronavirus. Based on this technology, a joint Apple and Google application works, which made a lot of noise a few months ago.
Also, BLE has long been used by one of Samsung’s main competitors, Apple. Starting with iOS 12, users can search for their smartphones using the devices of other users who are nearby. To do this, a lost gadget, even when turned off with a dead battery, can send a signal about its location to space around it for a long time. When the smartphone of a person passing by catches this signal, it will send the coordinates of the find to the server and the user will be able to find his gadget even in the forest, even in the neighboring yard.

Find a lost smartphone

Google already knows how to show the position of the smartphone on the map. But only if it’s on. Otherwise, it will be the last fixed position.

Samsung went the same way with a good idea. According to the information shared by the South Korean company, after the gadget is offline for 30 minutes, it begins to give a signal, which, as in the case of the iPhone, is recorded by other Galaxy gadgets. It will be possible to find in this way not only smartphones but even watches and tablets.

Is it Safe to Search for a Smartphone Over the Internet?

All data is transferred to the Samsung server, from where the owner of the device receives a notification. The company assures that the data is securely encrypted before transmission and only the owners of the gadget and no one else can access them.


For clarity and understanding of how the function will actually work, Samsung published a short video in which it showed all the subtleties and features. The found gadget is actually displayed on the map. When a loss is detected, the owner can navigate to it or activate an audible alarm when he is near. Augmented reality elements will be used to search in the immediate vicinity. The screen will display color graphics, which will become brighter as you get closer to the desired gadget.

When Will Samsung Phone Search Work?

Function SmartThings Find will be available after the upgrade SmartThings. To start using the service, you need to click on the banner at the bottom of the main screen of the application.
Starting next year, Samsung promises to extend the service to key fobs, tags that will allow you to search not only for gadgets, but also for other things – keys, documents, wallets, and the like.

By leveraging the latest BLE and UWB technologies, SmartThings Find makes it easy to find lost devices, ” said Jaeyeon Jung, vice president, and group leader, SmartThings, Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics. – With augmented reality, maps, and sound signals, SmartThings Find is a simple and intuitive solution that will help you find your favorite devices. This is just one example of a new mobile experience that UWB technology can provide.

In general, as you understood, this is nothing new. But this will make the search technology no less useful. When there is an extra way to find a lost device, it’s always a good thing. You just need to understand that it will only work if you just dropped the gadget or accidentally left it somewhere. In other cases, the smartphone can be disassembled for parts faster than you find it. In addition, it is worth noting that if you are sure of the theft of the device, then it is better to contact the police, and not risk it by yourself rushing in search.

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