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Automatically Delete Everything Google Knows About You

Whoever cares more or less at some point about privacy, technology has shown us that we cannot be free on the internet and go around showing our information to strangers. This is something that we have remembered countless times and now we want to show you one of the best methods to eliminate the data that Google saves about us.

We do not need to have an Android mobile to save the data, even if we have an iPhone, it is possible that we use a Google account to perform searches on the computer. All this means that little by little Google is collecting information about us and we end up having given it access to things that we did not even imagine. Searches also give information about it.

Protect your data and information by deleting it

On previous occasions, we have known everything that Google does for us on mobile phones so that the Android operating system be safe. However, Google does not protect us from giving information to themselves. These data are not of interest to them for misuse, but we can prefer that no one, not even a robot, knows of our existence.
For this, we will only have to always browse in incognito mode, not have Google accounts and use mobile with an open-source operating system that was not controlled by anyone. As this seems practically impossible, it is best to follow the steps that we are going to give you.

Steps to delete our activity automatically from Google

Once you are determined to erase everything Google knows about you, we show you the steps you need to take. We can do this from any device and regardless of the time or place since Google data is synchronized on all your devices.

We have to enter the google website where it will show us a list with all the activity of our account. As you can see there are different sections, for example in the first one it also offers us to delete a series of audios that Google stores when we request information from Google Assistant, for example.

Google My Activity
Just below we have a button where it says manage activity and allows us to delete specific days of the monitoring that it has made of us. The most interesting thing is the option to automatically delete the data.

This is the ideal option if you do not want Google to accumulate your data, you will not have to worry about anything and depending on the option you choose, that data will be deleted specifically from all that the giant Google collects.

Google My Activity
As we can see in the image, we have the possibility of choosing to delete them automatically every three months, eighteen months or never. Once we choose this option we will be able to change it again later, but not recover what has already been deleted.

What data are we eliminating with these steps?

Among all the options that you can find on the web that we have provided from Google, we have at our disposal all these options:

  • Activity on the Google website
  • Google searches
  • Queries to the Google Assistant
  • Location history
  • YouTube history
  • Videos we’ve seen
  • Searches made on YouTube

Does it affect us in any way?

You may doubt if something is going to happen when deleting all this data collected by Google, but you don’t have to worry, it is totally useless data for us unless you want to check your location history at a time, the only option that is could limit not delete.

We will not need anything else at all, because seldom will we have to consult the search history on Google from 5 months ago. This only helps Google get to know us better and improve searches for us.

At TechPlusTips we are constantly concerned about the privacy and security of users. That is why we explain the steps you must follow so that Google does not manage to collect your data.

And you, do you dare to be free from Google’s surveillance?

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