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How to Clear Gmail

Despite the fact that Google gives all of its users 15 GB of free space in the cloud, which is three times more than Apple’s, this is not enough for many. Even without uploading files to Google Drive on purpose, the free space becomes less and less due to – what do you think – Gmail. The fact is that the Google mail service uses the Google Drive storage, storing all the threads of your messages with attachments there, which can often take up a lot of space. I’ll tell you how to put things in order in your mail.

How Much Space do Gmail Emails Take?

First, I recommend checking how much data from Gmail takes up memory in Google Drive and how much free space is left in the cloud. After all, it is possible that you do not need cleaning at all. This is very easy to do.

Follow this link in Google One and log in;

In the window that opens, see how much space in the cloud is taken up by data from Gmail;

Google one


Google One shows how much memory is consumed by emails from Gmail

If a lot of space is used up or you just want to free it up, click on the link to Gmail to start cleaning.

After that, you will be taken to the interface of the Google mail service, where you can start sequentially deleting objects that take up free space in Google Drive. Unfortunately, there is no special button in Gmail that would remove everything unnecessary, because the service does not know which data you think is necessary and which is not. Therefore, whether you like it or not, all the actions will have to be done exclusively by hand. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated in this.

How to Remove Mailings from Mail

First, let’s remove emails from online mailings:

Go to Gmail and fill in the word “unsubscribe” (will show all mailings) or “unsubscribe OR category:promotions” (show all advertising mailings) in the top search bar;

At the top of the screen, check the box to select all messages on the page and click on the trash can icon to delete;

Gmail List Clean

Gmail has special commands that allow you to search for specific types of messages

Continue until you delete all advertisements or until you get bored;

Go to Trash in the Gmail sidebar and delete any messages that have been moved there.

Remove Large Attachments in Gmail

But it is not enough to delete advertisements. It is equally essential to deal with attachments, which tend to take up most of the storage due to their heavyweight.

In the search bar at the top, write the command size:5m to get letters with attachments larger than 5 MB (you can choose any other size);

Select those messages with attachments that you do not need and move them to the Trash;

Gmail Heavy Files

You can easily delete emails with heavy attachments in Gmail

Continue until you delete everything you wanted to delete;

Go to the “Trash” in the sidebar of Gmail and empty it from deleted messages.

Delete Old Messages in Gmail

If you have been using your inbox for many years, you must have accumulated a mountain of messages from people and companies with whom you have not interacted for a long time. They can hang there like a dead weight forever, taking up precious space in the cloud. Well, since they most likely have no value, it is best to delete them simply.

In the search line of Gmail, write the command older_than:1y (if you wish, you can replace it with 2y – 2 years, 2m – 2 months, 2w – 2 weeks);

Select the messages you want to delete or select all of them and move to the Trash;

Gmail 1 year old

You can delete both monthly and year-old messages

Continue until you remove anything that is of no value to you;

Remove all deleted messages from the “Trash” so that they do not take up space.

Although all manipulations to delete messages and attachments must be done manually, this is the only way to free Gmail from unnecessary junk without fear of deleting important messages. Thus, Google allows you to leave letters that are of at least some value to you and delete those that are of no importance. As a result, you get a clean mailbox and free up to several gigabytes of free space in the cloud.

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