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How to Block Spam Calls on Android

Unwanted calls are very unpleasant. Especially if the caller did not just make a wrong number, but calls with a very specific purpose to sell you something or, even worse, dissolve. In this case, the only thing that can save you from trouble is critical thinking and the ability to hang up on time. But, before it becomes clear who is calling you and why, it may take some time, which you probably could manage more rationally. Especially for such situations, I have an application that helps to recognize the fraudster in advance and block the call.
Blocking spam calls on Android couldn’t be easier

How to Change the Default Dialer on Android

“Phone” has a built-in identifier. The application draws data for it from its own search engine Google, so there is no doubt about their accuracy. And since for this you also don’t need to switch to Alice, whom I have not used for a long time, the “Telephone” became a real lifesaver for me.
“Phone” is an application that has access to an extensive database from the memory of your smartphone, therefore, in order for everything to work correctly, you need to set it as the default dialer:

  • Download the “Phone” application from Google Play ;
  • Go to “Settings” – “Applications”;

Default App

  • Open the section “Default Applications”;

Spam Calls

  • Select “Calls” and set “Phone” as the default dialer;
  • The next time you receive an unwanted call, click on it and select “Block”.

How to Turn on Spam Protection on Android

From now on, “Phone” will be used as the default application for receiving and making calls. However, in order for it to work to its fullest and perform all the duties that you expect from it, you need to activate something additionally. To do this, go to “Phone” – “Settings” – “Caller ID and spam” and enable the following parameters:

  • Show subscriber ID and spam (recognizes company phones and spam);
  • Calls from verified subscribers (recognizes the reason for the call, if the call comes from the company);
  • Filter spam calls (prevents the passage of calls from suspicious numbers).

How to Find out Why they are Calling on Android

The last two functions are especially useful, in my opinion. The second one recognizes the number from which the call comes and determines its belonging. As a result, “Telephone” will be able to inform you that they are calling you, for example, from the mortgage department of Suntrustbank or from the consumer lending department of Goldman Sachs Bank. In general, it is convenient, because you can find out what they will talk to you about even before you pick up the phone.
The third function blocks the call sound from spam numbers and does not display the incoming call interface. Despite this, the calls themselves appear on the missed list. This is convenient because even the services that automatically call customers will not receive a notification about blocking the number and will not try to call you from another number. And even if they do, they still won’t get through. But, if necessary, you can block both one and the other by clicking on them and selecting the “Block” item.

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