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How an iPhone Can Improve Your Lifestyle

If you want something more from your iPhone than just “share, stream, a story”, then we are ready to share a whole guide on how to properly handle the device. Nothing complicated, a few practical tips that will help you “tune in” to life correctly.

1. Turn off Notifications

Open the Apple Settings app, and go to the notifications section. Then manually, one by one, turn off notifications from each application, or rather from almost everyone.

But you should leave:

  • Notification of test messages, if there are relatively few of them, leave the “banners” enabled. Thus, messages will be visible on the screen as they arrive, without being buried under spam and a pile of unnecessary information.
  • Delivery applications. For example, “DoorDash” or “Uber Eats“. But again, on the condition that they will not spam you.
  • Calendar application. Without notifications, the meaning of its existence disappears.
  • Maps, they are not annoying and speak only to the point.
  • Phone call notifications.

Notifications are indiscriminate violations of your real goals. They interfere with your focus. Brain research has shown that focusing attention triggers the growth of myelin around active nerve pathways, allowing us to successfully learn new things. But if you are constantly distracted, the assimilation of the material will not stay in our memory for a long time, – argues entrepreneur Tony Stablbayn in his leadership.

2. Hide Toys Away

It is not necessary to give up all these useless gaming applications that, in a large assortment, offer you social networks Facebook, Instagram. But it is advisable to keep your passion and craving for procrastination under control. And for less temptation, use the “second screen” method; that is, do not keep the toys on the main page and “put” everything in one folder. A simple yet effective psychological trick.

3. Hide Messengers

The same “second screen” technique applies to messaging applications. Not all, but many people suffer from mania to constantly check WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. Put them in one folder and reply to messages at a convenient time for you, as you do use an e-mail. This will give you control over the situation and, again, concentration. Cal Newport calls it Deep Work.

4. Disable Application Verification Requests

When WhatsApp or any other application offers to rate the quality of work every time, you are again distracted from your thoughts.

To save yourself from unnecessary questions, select “Settings” -> “Apple ID” -> “iTunes & App Store”. But if you think this is black ingratitude towards the developers of a free application, just leave a review at any time convenient for you.

5. DND Setting

The “Do Not Disturb” setting is relevant for business people with whom everyone wants to talk, and always, especially at 2 am and 5 am

  1. Go to Settings – “Do not disturb” and set the required time period for privacy. For example, from 10 pm to 6 am.
  2. Allow calls from favorites: Whitelist of people who can disturb you at any time.
  3. There is even a function of re-calls to enable the most stubborn.

6. The Best Background is Black

Another trick to wean yourself from playing with the iPhone, and get used to the idea that this is not just a shiny toy with beautiful pictures, is to set a neutral background. The most practical is the black splash screen. Thus, phones with OLED screens save up to 60% of battery power. “Settings” -> “Wallpaper” -> “Select new wallpaper” -> “Frames”. Black -> at the end of the list.

7. Add Time Screen Widget

A novelty from Apple that will tell you what you are spending time on and how much.

To make it appear on the home page, slide your finger across the screen until it says “Today”. Next, at the bottom, select “Change”; a list of applications that have widgets will appear. Press the green plus button for Time Screen, and then hold down the three horizontal bar button to select the top of the taskbar.

8. Block Sites You Like to Procrastinate On

If you are constantly “sucked” by the same portal, and you spend several hours on it, but without much profit, block it. How parents do it for unreasonable children with gadgets. “Settings” -> “Screen Time” -> “Content and Privacy Restrictions” -> “Web Content” -> “Restrict Adult Websites”. By enabling this feature, you can add any other sites.

9. “Arrange” Applications in a Convenient Order

Highlight the main screen for tools. The second is for applications that you want to “scatter” into folders in alphabetical order. Third, leave it for things you don’t use but can’t delete. For example Wallet, Safari, Find iPhone, and App Store … (by the way, some of them may still be useful).

10. Select Gmail

Gmail runs smoother than Apple’s mail according to user reviews. In addition, almost everyone has it. Apple’s mail can also be removed (the company recently allowed the removal of built-in applications).

11. Replace Apple Maps with Google Maps

Apple Maps has gotten better, but they still fall short of Google. Siri will still use Apple Maps by default, though.

12. Install the Gboard Keyboard for Faster Typing

You just need to swipe your finger over the letters of the word you are trying to type, and the keyboard will “understand” what you need. It is difficult to get used to it, and the keyboard may turn out to be “with an accent”, but then life will become much easier.
Apple Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add New Keyboard.

13. Switch to Google Photos

This is the last of the settings to allow Google Cloud to be used on top of Apple’s built-in options. The main advantage is that Google uses machine learning to search for an image. For example, enter the word “dog” to find pictures of your pet, or “me” to search for selfies.

Install the app and place it on your home screen, copy photos from iCloud.

14. Install the Evernote app for all Notes

If you’re used to creative clutter, this is for you. Here you can dump everything in one heap, and then find what you need in no time. Thanks to the search engine.

15. Store Account Keys in Password Managers

Remembering all the complex combinations by heart is unrealistic. As a result: an extra cognitive load (while you are trying to remember the combination) or a waste of time on password recovery. Some users go for “tricks” and use the same password (with slight variations) for different accounts, but this is a sure way to hack. For storage, you can use AppleKeyсhain. The downside is that they do not guarantee you absolute safety from hackers, but if this happens, you will at least be warned.

16. Place “Camera” on the Toolbar

17. Set the Online Forecast Home Screen. For Example, “AccuWeather”

18. Use Pomodoro To Learn To Manage Your Time

The so-called “Pomodoro” method – a time management technique is suitable for those who are used to putting things on the back burner. “Tomato” will teach you quick mobilization. The main thing is to set yourself a task and try to complete it within a certain period of time. If something distracts you, write these thoughts down or take a short break. Did not make it? It is also not worth reproaching yourself too much, continue in the same direction without unnecessary “slipping”.

19. Safari is a Useful Thing

Safari has a secret “super rad” option – Reader mode. It removes all advertisements in the article and other pop-up junk.

Turning on Rader is simple: in the upper left corner of the app, there is a small four-line icon. And so that you don’t have to switch to reading mode every time, hold the button a little longer.

20. Use a Pedometer

Basically, the iPhone already has everything you need in the Health app. Settings -> Privacy -> Movement and Fitness (turn on the Fitness Tracking option). Allow access to data for the standard application “Health” – open the section Medical data – Activity. But, your indicators were immediately displayed on the main screen, you will need to install “Pedometer ++“, for example.


21. Set Your Phone to Night Mode

This should be done 4 hours before bedtime, and most importantly, do not go to bed with him.

22. Change Siri to a Man

This may not sound sexist, but the personal assistant can be very annoying. Therefore, sometimes it is tempting to say a couple of strong phrases to him. Even psychologically, it is easier for us to make a rude remark to a man, but not to a woman. If you’re nice to women, it’s best not to start with a robot.

23. Change the Name of Your Phone

By default, the iPhone leaves your original first and last name, so when you have a hotspot turned on, anyone can find out who you are and that you don’t know how to properly customize your phone.

24. Disable Ad Tracking

Settings – Privacy – Advertising. Enable limit tracking.

25. Set Screen Lock for Maximum Time

Five minutes is the maximum setting for mechanical interlock. This way you don’t have to constantly be distracted and waste time.

26. Enable Background App Refresh

Why do you need to be distracted again?

27. Install the Backup

Yes, your data is saved in the cloud, but backing up makes it much easier to set up a new phone when it is updated (or lost). True, the iCloud service is not free. Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud.

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