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HONOR Magic Book Pro Review – Laptop from a Smartphone Manufacturer

It so happened that HONOR, which made excellent phones, now can not only use normal full-fledged Android but has lost the ability to install its own Kirin processors into its devices. This is a big loss for the smartphone manufacturer. That’s just how laptop manufacturer HONOR, on the contrary, is starting to gain momentum. There are no problems with components and software, so this type of device should be good. Moreover, HONOR, as a young manufacturer, must take its place in the market. So, let’s figure out if this is a good device and whether it is worth using it or is it better to look for something from other manufacturers.


How Much Does an HONOR Laptop Cost?

As is customary in the industry, the new HONOR notebook comes in several versions. Outwardly, they mainly differ in different screen sizes. The version of the laptop with a 14-inch screen costs 590 USD. The version with a 15-inch screen costs 660 USD. A version of HONOR Magic Book Pro with a 16.1-inch screen costs from 790 USD.

Interestingly, the two younger versions can be customized and installed in them with more powerful processors and more memory. In this case, the surcharge will be very small. To get 512 GB instead of 256 GB, you need to pay only from 40 to 70 USD.

I got the top version of the HONOR Magic Book Pro. It immediately has 512 GB of internal memory, but the processor can be selected depending on your needs. If you want to get the most, the price will jump to 920 USD, but this will be the top-end HONOR Magic Book Pro. If the basic version of the “firmware” is enough for you, then it will cost you 790 USD.


HONOR Magic Book Pro Review

As usual, getting a new gadget out of the box is a different pleasure. Most of all, at this moment, I want the feeling of pleasant expectation not to be replaced by disappointment from a bad product. This did not happen with the HONOR Magic Book Pro. It pleasantly cools your hand with its aluminum body and overall feels fairly monolithic.

You need to understand that it is big. And even though it uses valuable space very effectively (the screen occupies 90% of the lid area), it is still large. If you are accustomed to using models with a screen of 13 inches or less, this should be borne in mind. The laptop is 16.9mm thick.

Despite its large size, the laptop weighs not so much – 1,700 grams. For myself, I noted how well his legs are made. It doesn’t have the classic four legs; instead, two rubber bands are running along the bottom and top of the case. They are the mainstays of the computer. At some moments, when there is a lot of papers on the table or the table is not very level, this can lead to the fact that it will swing.

But on a flat table, everything is fine, and due to the larger area of ​​the support points, the laptop slides much less on the table. Plus, the Magic Book Pro can be easily lifted off the table with one hand. The aluminum is too slippery for that, and the extra surface to hook onto helps a lot.

Otherwise, this is an almost traditional laptop that has everything you need. On the right side of the case are 2 USB ports and a headphone jack. On the left is one USB, one HDMI, and a USB Type-C connector, through which the laptop is charged.

The body color can be called a monochrome chameleon. It was this comparison that came to my mind, since when viewed at an angle, the body does not begin to give off any shades, but it becomes darker. When viewed from a different angle, the color becomes lighter. It looks interesting, as does the company logo flirtatiously shifted to the side.


HONOR Magic Book Pro Specifications

I want to say right away that this laptop is not for games, so you should not count on it, but you can still play something on it. Just don’t rely on high frame rates in this case.

The basic version of the “firmware” runs under the control of the AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor and the Radeon Vega 8 Graphics video processor. If you pay 130 USD more to the price of the basic version, then for 920 USD you can get an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor. As a bonus, you will upgrade your RAM from 8GB to 16GB. Large values ​​are not provided.

The built-in memory is available only one volume – 512 GB. Naturally, this is an SSD, and the price does not look so daunting, especially against the background of some other laptops. Again, this is an advantage for companies that are trying to promote new products, rather than chasing short-term benefits actively.

The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, and their density at this diagonal (16.1 inches) is 137 dpi. IPS was chosen as a matrix – everything is logical and without surprises. The screen has an eye protection function and covers 100% of sRGB space.

In order to fight to overheat, 6 temperature sensors are installed inside the laptop. All of them are paired with two heat pipes and two fans, the blades of which are made in the form of shark fins. The manufacturer claims that this is a 20% increase in airflow through the interior of the laptop.

Of course, if you strain the laptop so that the cooling system works at maximum, the battery life will be reduced. If you use it normally, the battery should last for 12 hours. I couldn’t do that. Even when working with text editors, it lasted for a maximum of 9-10 hours at a low backlight level. But it charges fast. For this, a 65 W power adapter is provided. There are even specific figures that after 30 minutes of charging it will be possible to watch offline videos for 6 hours. In general, it is similar.


Why HONOR Magic Pad Pro is Good

This laptop also has several distinctive features that other manufacturers, except for Huawei, do not have – you can understand why.

For example, I like the camera hidden in the keyboard. Even if the picture is not the most beautiful from such an angle, it does not take up a useful screen area and does not thicken the lid. And it’s also much more secure, and you don’t need to glue anything.

Honor Magic Book Pro Camera

The laptop implements a function called HONOR Magic-link 2.0. Thanks to it, you can transfer a huge amount of data with one touch. To do this, attach a supported HONOR or Huawei smartphone, and you will have quick access to your computer. The data transfer rate will be approximately 30 Mbps. This is enough to throw off several hundred photos from your smartphone in just a minute. Of course, in the work of this function, there is still something to finish, but in general, it works well, if you do not find fault.

Otherwise, this is an ordinary laptop, with a built-in fingerprint scanner, a large (though not the largest) trackpad with excellent sensitivity and good Dolby Atmos sound.

Honor Magic Book Pro finger print

In the end, I only want to find fault with the laptop lid. However, the nitpicking will refer more generally to modern laptops. Why can’t you make it open with one hand and you don’t have to hold the case so that it doesn’t jump after the lid? There are exceptions, but the overall picture is rather sad. It’s so simple. Well, come on, this is a digression. Although, as you understand, the HONOR Magic Book Pro also has this problem. How do you feel about this?

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