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The New Honor Band 6 Has Been Released

Huawei, which is actively trying to sink, is struggling to maintain its Honor brand. While it does not fit in with this company for everyone. Moreover, they continue to release more and more new gadgets. Now Honor has introduced a new wearable device. It is the world’s first fitness tracker with a full-screen display. The gadget looks very cool, and one would assume that it will sell well due to its low price. Especially strong is the belief in the Asian market, which seems to be ready to buy just everything. In my opinion, the new tracker will be very successful, but there are some doubts about it. I’ll tell you now.

Why Honor Band 6 is Good

First, let’s talk about the tracker itself and see what its key features are. The gadget has a full-screen display. This means that you no longer need to use the button below it to switch modes and return to the main screen.

The Honor Band 6 comes in two flavors – no NFC and one with NFC. The design of this wearable device is not like its predecessors. The tracker looks more like a mini version of the recently released HONOR Watch ES.

Honor Band 6 Specifications

The HONOR Band 6 boasts a 1.47-inch AMOLED display with 194 x 368 pixels and 2.5D glass. Instead of a touch button, navigation is now done with gestures. They are made as similar as possible to those found on smartphones. The only physical button is on the right side of the case. For convenience and beauty, it is highlighted in red. It is needed in order to activate the screen. There is nothing on the left side of the case except the HONOR logo.

The fitness tracker is available in three colors – black, gray, and coral. True, only the strap will be colored, since the body of the tracker itself will always be black.
The novelty supports 10 sports modes at once, monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood, 24-hour heart rate monitoring HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0, sleep monitoring HUAWEI TruSleep, women’s calendar, and up to 14 days of battery life. The battery capacity is 180 mAh, but naturally, this is the maximum possible value.
The internal structure of the novelty also includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, Bluetooth 5.0, and protection from water up to 5 atmospheres. Built-in NFC enables contactless payments.

The gadget weighs only 18 grams without the strap and costs $ 43 for the version with NFC and 37 dollars for the version without it. Pre-order starts today, and the new tracker will be available for purchase on November 11. In China, they will definitely be and, most likely, they can be bought on AliExpress, like the previous generation.

Differences Honor Band 6

From all that has been said, the first thing that is striking is the difference between the two models with and without NFC. Only $ 6 is not a difference at all, to save on it. This is further proof that when releasing cheaper smartphones without this function, manufacturers are not chasing savings, but are promoting more expensive models of their line.
To say that there is no place in the case is also not necessary, since even in a tiny tracker, packed to capacity with sensors, it found a place. It turns out that when new affordable models with NFC slip by, this is not such an expensive act of generosity for the manufacturer, and you should not overestimate their kindness too much. They are just not chasing the promotion of expensive models (perhaps they simply don’t exist) but want to sell this particular one.

Should You Buy the Honor Band 6

It is difficult to say yet whether the new tracker has a future, but at first glance, everything looks very optimistic. Most likely, the large screen, ample opportunities, and low prices will provide him with good sales. Especially on a traditional day in China. The date of November 11 was chosen very well.
We still need to see how the screen will work and how responsive the tracker will be in general, but it’s nice that it is from Huawei and Honor that such a novelty has come, which once again proves that brands will still fight and are not going to surrender under the pressure of sanctions.

Moreover, the sanctions are gradually being eased, and according to information from various sources, Huawei has received the right to purchase chips and other components for its gadgets if they do not work in 5G networks. Naturally, this does not apply to trackers, so there should be no problems with them. And there, maybe they will build their own plant, which will protect themselves from sanctions almost one hundred percent.

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