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Some Cool Features May Be Coming Soon to Google Chrome for Android

New features in Google Chrome are always interesting and have a lot of practical benefits. This is the most popular browser and important updates simply cannot go unnoticed. So it was, is, and will be. That is why the emergence of new functions is now of great interest. Moreover, several new functions are expected at once. They will not only make the world’s most popular browser more functional but also help it become more user-friendly. This, in turn, will lead to further growth in its popularity. Google will get more money from advertising, and ordinary users are a great tool for using the Internet.


Google Chrome for iPhone

According to a recent Google blog post, there are indeed some important new features coming to Chrome Android in the future. Interestingly, though, this post is intended to highlight that Chrome is the best browser for iOS. In addition to the fact that it is just very good, there are also detailed instructions that give an understanding of how to set it as the default browser in iOS 14. Let me remind you that in this version of the operating system you can now do what has long been possible to do in Android – choose the default browser. Now iPhone and iPad users can set their devices as their default browser in the “Chrome” section.


New features in Google Chrome

The company highlights several well-known recent Chrome updates that are also available for Android. For example, the combination of password storage and Chrome security checks. Also highlighted are personalization and search features, such as the “Articles for You” segment in the new tab UI and the built-in Google translator.

It also discusses recently added features such as the ability to send a page from Chrome to any other signed-in device and sync devices. But the biggest discovery may be the features that Google advertises specifically for iOS.
Of course, the simple organization of tabs and pages is one of the most notable features of Google Chrome on Android. Or on any other OS. But, as noted in the Google post, Chrome for iOS for some reason really will become a much more functional version of the application than for Android. It is difficult to say with what agreements or secret intent of the company this is connected. But iOS is indeed becoming a more advanced tool for working with Google Chrome than Android.


How to Create a QR Code with a Website Address

For starters, Google points out that it is adding the ability to generate QR codes for pages. This can be shared with friends as Chrome can already send pages between devices on the same account. With this QR code, users can send sites to anyone. Scanning this code will send the recipient to the correct page.
Conversely, Google also uses a feature that allows users to drag and drop links from Chrome. Specifically, to drag them to another open app while those apps are open in split-screen mode. Additionally, the search giant says this could include drag and drop sharing between the two tabs. He is currently working on a feature to open two Chrome tabs in split mode.
Finally, Google says it is adding one of the most requested features to date – the download manager. This will be the folder for storing the downloaded files saved through Chrome. Many will say that this is nothing new, but Google makes it clear that this is exactly what all users, without exception, need.
At the moment, Google hasn’t indicated when the new features will appear (or if they will appear at all) in Chrome for Android. But at least some of them have already been found in the Chromium Gerrit code repository. So it should be a matter of time. Especially now that they are available for real use on Apple devices.


Why Google Chrome for iOS is Better than Android

You can’t blame Google for deliberately downgrading its Android browser. The company is trying to make it as functional as possible, but at the same time is actively working on replenishing the “customer” base. Apple itself gave Google a big gift by releasing an iOS update with the ability to choose the base browser. Google just couldn’t help but take advantage of this.
To say that there are some significant difficulties in the emergence of new functions for Android, too, is impossible. But we can say that in this way the company simply attracts new users as if showing them that it has an excellent attitude towards iOS as well. Even the exclusive features have been brought in.

Do not forget that even though iOS is on only about a fifth of smartphones in the world, we are still talking about hundreds of millions of users. You cannot miss such a piece of the pie.


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