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Google Assistant is not Responding: How to fix it

If the Google Assistant is not responding on your Android phone, there are a number of solutions and checks to carry out to get it working fine again.
Google Assistant has become an indispensable part of Android phones. Thanks to the assistant we can use our phone in a more comfortable way in many situations, it even works with WhatsApp, in addition to being able to get a lot out of it. Although, as with other applications or services on a phone, there are times when it does not work, does not respond or has stopped working.

What can we do on these occasions? There are a number of solutions that we can try on Android, which usually make Google Assistant work normally again and we can continue to use this assistant on the phone as was the case until then.

Force close and open it again

If the problem is that the application is not responding, we can try to do the same as we do with other applications on Android: force it to close and then open it again. This is something that we know works with many applications on Android and that we can also do with Google Assistant so that it will work normally again.

In this case, it will have to be done with the Google application, or you can open the assistant on the phone (hold down the Home button and then display the application on the screen). To close it then and force it to run again from scratch, to see if this is going to work well.

Reboot the phone

Another of the most common solutions, but that works best on the phone since it puts an end to any failure that has arisen in the applications or processes that are running on the device at that time, such as Google Assistant not working or not responding. Press and hold the button to turn off the phone and then choose the option to restart.

Wait until it has started again and then try to use Google Assistant, using the command “OK Google” for it, as we usually use. The normal thing is that when we have done this, the assistant will work normally and we can use it again.

Have you disabled Google Assistant?

If Google Assistant has suddenly stopped working, there may have been a problem with your settings. It could happen that you have disabled the assistant on the phone by mistake, which is what prevents it from working. Therefore, it is important to check if it is activated or working because it could be that we have disabled it and it does not work then. We can check it in the Google app, with these steps:

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Click on More.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Enter the Google Assistant or Assistant section.
  5. Check if it is activated.
  6. Activate the “OK, Google” command if it isn’t.
  7. Get out of this section.
  8. Call the assistant again, normally.

Google Assistant is not Responding

Google Assistant is not Responding

Don’t recognize your voice?

The problem you may encounter is that Google Assistant does not recognize your voice. This happens if the assistant has been misconfigured on the phone, so we have to train it again so that it will recognize this voice normally. For this, we will have to use the Google application where there is a section to re-register the so-called voice model so that it will be able to recognize us again. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Click on More.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Enter the Assistant section.
  5. Descend to the telephone section.
  6. Click on that section.
  7. Go to Voice or Voice Match.
  8. Enter Voice Model.
  9. Click Re-create voice model.
  10. Register your voice again.
  11. Get out of this section.
  12. Launch Google Assistant on your phone again

Google Assistant is not Responding: How to fix it

It is possible that in some cases you will have to remove the existing voice model first, to avoid problems and because this model is no longer useful. Once the old one is eliminated, you can record or create a new voice model on the phone, which is the one that makes Google Assistant work then.

Problems with your phone’s microphone?

It could be that the problem does not reside in Google Assistant, but is a failure in the phone itself, such as in the microphone of the same. A fault in the microphone, which prevents the phone or the assistant from being able to function properly. Therefore, it is good to check if the microphone is working properly, as it could be what causes the assistant to not work normally on the phone.

If you have noticed problems with the microphone, such as when making calls, it could be related to this problem, which prevents you from calling the assistant and making it open normally. When you’ve done some checking, if the problem is determined to be the microphone, which could be broken, you may need to take the phone in for repair.

Do you use other Assistants?

On Android you can’t just use Google Assistant, there are other assistants available like Bixby or Alexa. Therefore, it is possible that you have one of these other assistants activated on your phone, especially if you use a Samsung device you could run into this problem since they would be interfering with the proper functioning of the Google assistant.

Voice Assistants

If this is your case, if you have another assistant apart from Google, try deactivating the other one, to see if when you do this Google Assistant works correctly or not. There are users who have suffered this type of failure on Android by having two assistants installed, but when there is only one left, everything works correctly again.

Problem with the Google Assistant app

It could be that the problem lies with the application itself. Either because it needs an update or precisely because a new version of it has been installed on the phone and problems are arising. Check if there is a Google Assistant update available for your phone, as it could be the solution to this bug in it.

If you just updated the app when these problems started, try reverting to a previous version of it. Many times there are failures in a new update, whether of the application or the operating system, which cause the operation of the same to be altered and failures. This process is not complex and can solve these types of problems.

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