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How to Get Back Old Google Search in Chrome Browser

Google search has gone through a lot of changes in recent years. The company has improved the search algorithms, increasing their efficiency, improved the interface, making it more user-friendly, and, of course, quite significantly changed the methodology for generating search results. It may not be noticeable at first glance, but the Google search engine began to work completely differently than before, often pushing completely irrelevant results into relevant search results, for the promotion of which companies simply paid. I tell you how to get everything back and not see annoying ads.
Before we move on to the instructions on how to activate the old model of Google Search, I propose to understand what has changed and why Google changed the method of generating search results.

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You can now see, in addition to links, cards, bulleted lists and geo-tagged extracts on maps. Despite the fact that not all of them are prepaid (Google forces something by itself because it “loves” specific resources for being informed), but very often you come across geo-points of stores and site cards connected to the AdWords advertising network.
It belongs to Google itself and, accordingly, by promoting popular resources with advertising, it gets more money. Because of this, websites and services competing with the company are not included in the search results.
It’s just that Google considers Yandex to be its main competitor and sees no need to promote its platform. The Simple Search extension removes this background.

How to enable the old Google interface

Old Google Search

Since the extension that activates the old search model exists only in the version for Chrome and Firefox, then you will have to use these browsers. I’ll explain how it works using Chrome as an example:

  • Follow this link via Google Chrome
  • In the window that opens, click “Install”
  • Confirm the installation and wait for it to complete
  • Type in any search query into Google (you don’t have to include anything additionally) and evaluate the result.

After installing the extension on top of the original search results, you will see a large window with alternative search results, which are based on old Google algorithms and which Google would have really offered you a few years ago when the promotion function was not integrated so deeply.

This window does not completely overlap the main search results, so you can compare it with how the site layout method has changed in general, which of them are no longer shown in the top, in principle, and also which elements like swipes and cards now take up space in the search box.
On the one hand, the interface becomes cleaner. The old type of issue no longer shows sub-sites like forums and special sections of the main web resources, not to mention cards and all sorts of inserts. Because of this, more relevant search results are placed on one page.

Why old Google is better

Compare yourself. Previously, 8-9 links appeared on Google for “products”, but now there are only 3, because most of the screen is occupied by a card with geotagging offline stores.
I will not say that it became very bad. After all, many of us prefer to shop for groceries in hypermarkets or supermarkets, and a dot on the map seems like a useful element of search results. But, first of all, she advises Google about some completely small-town stores that I definitely won’t go to, and not, say, Lenta or Magnet. And secondly, since Google’s search is so smart, it might have figured out for itself that, being at home, I hardly need this kind of hints.

In my opinion, it would be more logical to advise shops on the map only if I am in another city. Therefore, in this case, I consider the old search results to be more relevant than the new one.
What’s especially cool is that Simple Search offers the ability to directly compare both types of search results and determine which works best for you. If the old SERP doesn’t suit you, just close it and use the new one, for which Google doesn’t even have to reload the page. And if the old one turns out to be more preferable for you, so be it. At least I found it very useful.

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