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Commands to Control Alexa Like an Expert

Alexa has a multitude of different functions, it works with different applications, thus making our day to day much more bearable and facilitating any type of task. If you did not know it yet, it is a virtual assistant that works in several languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish. To take advantage of it, we just have to use any of these languages ​​and today we are going to show you which are the most useful Alexa commands that you can find on any device that works with the virtual assistant.

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There are quite a few things in which Alexa can help us, you can add and install the best skills for Alexa. This time we will not have to install anything, we will only use our voice for the sacred part of its added functions.

Our Voice is in Control of Alexa

To use the functions with the voice control that we show you below, we do not even have the need to have one of the Amazon Echo devices with us. On our mobile we can install the Alexa application and start using it, taking advantage of its tools.

As an added trick, we want to introduce you to the whisper function of Alexa, with it we can say any command in a low voice and it will respond with the same tone. This can be very useful when we are completely silent or there are people sleeping around us.

Alexa and its Alarms

This virtual assistant can help us set any alarm, it can also count down or even put it on timer mode. Alexa, is capable of remembering each order we send it, so you can tell it from Alexa, for an alarm tomorrow at 10 in the morning as Alexa, remind me in 3 minutes to look at the food.
In the event that you do not remember what time you set an alarm, you should not worry, you can ask Alexa to remind you which alarms you have active or even cancel them all at once.

One feature that this virtual assistant has is that you can ask it with one of the Alexa commands to wake you up with music, the day and time you want. You only need to specify the artist or song with which you prefer this alarm to sound and that would be it.

It is a simple, fast and very interesting function, so you make sure you are not late for work. So you will not have to be turning off and on the mobile alarm or wasting your smartphone battery foolishly.

Create Your Lists with Alexa

We return to a very interesting task and that is the moment in which you remembered that you had to do something and you forgot, you did not arrive in time to write it. That’s why Alexa has commands for everything including a feature for creating and editing lists.
With its large memory capacity, you will be able to have a multitude of lists. For example, you only need to say: Alexa, create a shopping list. And every time you want to add something, you can tell Alexa, add sugar to the shopping list. And voila, in just a second this virtual assistant will reflect it on that list.

If after a while you don’t remember what lists you have, just say Alexa, lists and this assistant will tell you the title of all of them one by one.

Alexa also Reminds us of Birthdays

Having a bad memory has never been so good and now with Alexa, it is difficult for you to forget anything. And it is that it has the reminder command, it can keep in mind any important date for you and make you not forget it. In addition to saying Alexa, remind me every day at 6:00 p.m. to water the plants … And hopefully, they will survive, who has not had plants and has stopped giving them away? Or something like: Alexa, remind me tonight at 10 p.m. to look at which mobile to buy.
Also if you are one of those who forget birthdays or important dates do not worry because Alexa will be your second memory. That is why you will only need to say: Alexa, remind me on June 6 that it is Maria’s birthday. And Alexa, it will do its job without any problem.

For example, you can use this virtual assistant to remind you of important meetings; Alexa, remind me on Monday that I have a business meeting at 5 in the afternoon.

Alexa Turns any of your Books into Audiobooks

If you have a book that you would love to read but can’t find it in audio form, don’t keep looking because Alexa will act as an audiobook. The only thing you will need to have the book purchased in the Kindle version, and once done.
You will only need to tell Alexa, read the book: The Proto Project by Bryan R. Johnson and then it will begin to read that book to you as best it can, trying to get away from the robotic voice.

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