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Why I Would Rather Choose 5G Than a Long Smartphone Life

There are still those in the world who do not adequately relate to the arrival of fifth-generation networks, but, fortunately, their number is decreasing. 5G has many advantages. Usually, this phrase continues with the words, “but there are also many disadvantages.” Exactly! The biggest disadvantage of 5G equipment in smartphones is its power requirements. At the same time, not only the battery itself sits down faster when working in new networks, but the battery itself often becomes smaller due to the fact that the 5G modem must be embedded somewhere else in the smartphone. All this leads to the fact that we practically have to make a choice, on one scale of which there is a cool connection, and on the other – more battery life. Personally, I make a choice in favor of the former.


Smartphones with 5G

For a long time, it was the battery life of a smartphone that was the main value for consumers. Companies also actively tried to comply with this and released devices that lasted longer and longer. Now times have changed and Samsung has said that 5G is more important than battery life.

The Galaxy S20 FE, for example, supports 5G and probably has decent battery life. This is made possible by a 4500 mAh battery. But don’t be fooled. Perhaps the more important of the two is 5G.
Consumers (US only) who recently took part in a survey conducted by Samsung said 5G is one of the most important features. The survey was conducted among buyers who bought either the Galaxy S20 5G or Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

For consumers who recently bought a Galaxy S20, battery life was not even among the top three for reasons that prompted them to buy the device. I understand them. If I was asked what is most important for me in the purchased smartphone, I probably would not answer. I choose a gadget based on the sum of factors, not just one. But one thing I do know for sure – I would prefer 5G, not autonomy. There is an explanation for this.

How People Choose a Smartphone

The main reason consumers buy the Galaxy S20 was the display, according to Samsung. Believe it or not, the Galaxy S20 has a great display. And, apparently, consumers throughout the United States think so.
In second place behind the display was 5G connectivity. Currently, not all Galaxy S20 models have 5G support. The base model only works with 4G LTE, but there is also a 5G version. As for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it only comes in a 5G variant.
As for the third reason consumers have chosen this device, Samsung says it is performance. Customers wanted a powerful device that could handle anything. Agree that battery life is also important in order to watch videos longer, surf the Web, and play games. But no, the buyers didn’t think about it.

I wouldn’t think too much about it either. Primarily due to what happened to the charging of the phone. At one time, it was necessary to charge the gadget for hours. Now the time has been reduced to almost minutes. The most advanced systems charge the smartphone a little more than 10-15 minutes. It is very fast and the smartphone can be charged for a full day literally while its owner brushes his teeth in the morning.
It’s still a long way to such speeds, but now all more or less decent devices are equipped with 25 W or at least 15 W charging. It still allows you to charge your smartphone very quickly. Much faster than even a couple of years ago.

With such speeds, it is somehow not necessary to talk about long battery life. We are always close to the outlet and always have the opportunity to connect to it for at least 10 minutes. At the same time, we are talking about extreme situations when the smartphone suddenly sits down. If you charge it on time, it will still be enough for a day. We’re not talking about a 70% reduction in battery life. It is about 10%.
With such losses, it is definitely better to choose a new generation network. Moreover, you can charge without wires. I have wireless charging at home, at work, and in my car. I just need to put my smartphone on it and that’s it. For about a couple of months, I have not used a charging wire, and my battery is always 70-100% full.

It is wireless and fast charging that solves a lot of problems with autonomy. You do not have to walk for a long time with a charged smartphone (if you are not on a hike, but you can take an external battery there). You just need to get a couple of wireless chargers or monitor the battery and everything will be fine.
Technology is changing our understanding not only of familiar objects but also of their interaction with other objects and phenomena. That is why your scale of values ​​should be periodically revised. Moreover, in such an insignificant detail as smartphones. Before, I was also for autonomy, but now I understand that a small part of it can be sacrificed for the sake of good work with the network.

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