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Best Software to Analyze and Compare the Characteristics of Your PC

Perhaps you bought yourself a laptop for the office or assembled a gaming computer. Or maybe they just updated an existing PC. Now you need to answer a few important questions: Do you know exactly what your purchase consists of? How well will your hardware perform with the updated components?

There are special programs that can check what is inside the case. They can also test your system and compare the results with other devices. We have collected 10 programs that will scan your hardware and check various parts of the system. Most of them are free, although some may have a full paid version.

Important note: when checking the computer, a heavy load occurs, due to which the system may be unstable. We recommend that you back up important data before starting testing.

5 Programs For Analysis and Diagnostics


Official site: CPU-Z
This program has been on the market for 20 years. The newest version contains a set of instructions that, when activated, provide the user with all the necessary information about the processor: make, model, number of cores, processor cache and much more.


Also, the program provides similar information about the motherboard, RAM and video card. It provides a simple CPU benchmark and system stress test. You can share your stats on their official website. CPU-Z is completely free software. It is available for Windows systems and has an Android app.


Official site: GPU-Z
This program works the same as CPU-Z. It collects more detailed information about the characteristics of your video card.


There are no benchmarks in this software to evaluate the capabilities of your graphics card, but it can monitor and record output data such as clock speed, temperature, voltage, and memory usage. GPU-Z has a link to Techpowerup’s graphics card database. There you can learn more about your graphics card. Use the “Search” button. The program is completely free but only available on Windows.


Official site: HWinfo
This program will tell you about everything and in great detail. It divides all details into 3 windows: system summary, full report and active sensor data. You can quickly get a complete system report and extensive activity data, including information from the video card, CPU, RAM, motherboard, fans, your drives, and more.


HWinfo is updated frequently (almost every month) and has been around for over 20 years. It is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. There is even a DOS version. The program is free.

Open HWM

Official site: Open Hardware Monitor
This program is suitable for Linux computers. It is open-source and free. There is also a Windows version. Very simple in terms of interface and functionality, but designed for monitoring systems. Works and starts quickly and does not require installation.

Open Hardware Monitor


Official site: I-Nex
For detailed information on your Linux system, there is this tool. I-Nex works in much the same way as CPU-Z, in that it provides additional information about hard drives, your audio system, and operating system operation.


5 Programs For Testing

For stress testing your graphics card, some games that have this feature by default may work. But we have selected 5 great programs that provide additional testing functions.

Sandra 20/20

Official site: Sandra 20/20
This program has many tools to test your hardware. There is a general test of the entire system, but it must be done carefully: it is intensive and time-consuming. After the end, the results will be available for comparison with other platforms, you will see detailed data on individual components with specific numbers.

Sandra 20/20

This program is suitable for system administrators and professional PC builders as it covers all the main aspects. But ordinary users will have to figure it out.

There is a free version in which some tests are available. The paid version can be installed on 5 different devices at once. There are special paid versions for professional use. Unfortunately, the program is designed to work with Windows only.

PCMark 10

Official Site: PCMark 10
This is a more standard program. She conducts tests with Windows systems in different situations (streaming, games, office applications, etc.). There is a free version with a basic shared test feature. The paid version unlocks the rest of the tests and additional features.

PCMark 10

The program analyzes various characteristics during testing, for example, processor load and its temperature. You can compare your results with other systems through the application database. There is also a version for Android devices.


Official site: 3DMark
The program appeared on the market almost 22 years ago and has become one of the most popular tools for testing video cards. 3DMark performs testing with 3D graphics and uses the latest rendering technologies that GPUs can support.

There is a free version with 4 basic tests and separate programs for Windows, Android and iOS. The program also allows you to compare your results with other systems in the database.

Cinebench 20

Official site: Cinebench
This program, when launched, uses the processor to create a single image. But it does it using the latest ray-tracing techniques.

The test does not use a video card, only to display the final image on the monitor. It is suitable for analyzing how well the processor manages threads and memory. You can configure the program to render the scene using a specific number of threads, starting at 1 and going up to 256.

Even if your processor does not support that many threads, the test will still work – just each line will process a small area of ​​the image.

The program is free. It is available for Windows and macOS.

Basemark GPU

Official site: Basemark GPU
In terms of functionality, the program is similar to 3DMark, but it has an important advantage over its competitor: it has versions for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. With this tool, you can check all your devices. At the same time, the program supports 3 different graphics APIs: DirectX 12, OpenGL and Vulkan.

Basemark GPU has a free version and is available for all platforms.

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