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5 Best Apps to Store and View Photos on Android

To work with photos, you can use the standard gallery application, which is available on every smartphone, but often they have only basic functions. They don’t have such processing capabilities, there is no image search facility and the like. Third-party apps offer not only that but even the ability to store photos in the cloud. All this makes third-party alternatives more interesting and functional. We have selected several options for you, including the most logical ones from well-known manufacturers. We use some of them ourselves, and some have tried, but could not stay with them forever due to personal preferences. Despite this, they are in high demand and have a good reputation. As they say, all people are different. Here are the five best apps to store and view photos on android:

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1. Google Photos

The most popular photo storage.
While Google Photos will no longer offer free unlimited storage starting next June, this is probably the best gallery option for most people. You will still get 15GB of free online storage, which can be expanded for a small monthly fee. You can store all your photos and videos in one place without worrying about backing up as the app will do it for you. As soon as you buy a new device and log in, you can immediately access your content.

Google Photos
On top of that, Google Photos has a great set of features. You can quickly find certain images simply by searching for them. In addition, the application can also group people. There are even some pretty good photo and video editing tools out there, even more in a recent update.
In addition, many users highly value the user interface of the application, calling it truly user-friendly. It’s not for nothing that this is the world’s most popular tool for working with a gallery.

2. Simple Gallery

A Functional Gallery
The Simple Gallery application is available in both regular and Pro versions. The regular version can still be downloaded, but the developers no longer bother to maintain it.
In the Pro version, for a one-time fee, you get a great gallery app that is highly regarded by a huge number of users. Simple Gallery not only offers a very simple and sleek user interface but also has many features.

Simple Gallery
This app even allows you to customize its appearance, which is not often found in similar products. It has many editing tools and various other features. You can even customize how the filename is displayed if that’s more important to you than the image itself. It also lacks other functions, for familiarization with which the free version is enough, and then decide for yourself whether to buy the “Pro” version.

3. Piktures

Photo Backups
If you want a gallery that allows you to back up your images and videos to the cloud and access them directly, Piktures is the place for you. You can easily connect this application, for example, to Google Drive and save all your data in a backup. Further access to them will also be provided through the application. Many users appreciate the design of Piktures. It is one of the most beautiful gallery apps on Google Play. But this is not only a wrapper. They are really convenient and pleasant to use.

The app even offers you a way to hide your private content. And gives many photo editing tools. Among other things, it can work with GIFs, playing them and creating your own. It also has a built-in QR code scanner and much more.

4. Slidebox

A Tinder-Style Gallery
The name of this app speaks for itself. Slidebox is one of the most unusual gallery apps available for Android. It offers a fun way to organize your photos, which are sorted like in Tinder. You can view photos on full screen and swipe to the side to organize them. You can also swipe up to delete unwanted photos, or select an album to sort them.

To combat duplicates, the application may offer you its own version of what it thinks is superfluous, and you can remove it with a swipe. At the same time, the application can be used with other galleries on Android and the developers in every possible way to support this possibility.
You can use this app to simply organize your photos, which can then be retrieved neatly sorted through another app. The user interface of this application is minimalistic, but this does not prevent it from being a convenient and functional tool.

5. A + Gallery

Gallery for Android in the style of iOS
A + Gallery will be a great choice for those who are switching to Android from iOS and are missing something. This app is built with the iOS design philosophy in mind and the developer is not trying to hide it. That being said, it works great on Android and looks good at the same time. The design of the app itself is clean, minimalistic and places a lot of emphasis on the content itself.

A + Gallery can automatically organize your photos into albums, and you can hide some of them if you like. You can search for photos and videos by date, location, and even image color. It is also possible to hide photos and videos that are not intended for prying eyes. There is password protection for this.
In addition, the application allows you to work with photos not only locally, but also on third-party cloud resources. The choice may not seem like a lot, but this feature is actually very useful.

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