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Which Android Smartphone Manufacturers are Working on the iPhone 12

Probably everyone has already heard about the release of the new iPhone 12. Only the lazy one didn’t criticize him for having only three cameras, only 6 GB of RAM, and “that ugly bang”. All this has been said many times, but not everyone knows that the manufacturers of Android smartphones have made a significant contribution to the development of the new smartphone, or rather, supplied it with their own components. There were other companies besides those that did this, but they never got the right to work with Cupertino’s technology. The situation may change in the near future, but so far we have what we have. Let’s figure out who supplies what and how many components for iPhone production. And also who supplied them before and who will do it in the future.

New iPhone

When Apple released new smartphones a couple of days ago, many were only talking about the fact that they now have 5G. But this is not the only innovation that can be noticed, no matter how Apple focuses on it, saying that we need to prepare for speed. Another interesting development has taken place and now all current iPhone models are equipped with OLED displays.
Previously, the company released only one smartphone. Since the release of the iPhone 6, there have been two. iPhone XS brought the third model, and this year it became 4. The diagonal of the screen of new products varies from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. In general, as they say, there is an option for everyone.

Who Makes Displays for iPhone?

With the advancement of OLED panels on all Apple iPhone 12 models, shipments from Samsung Display and LG Display, the manufacturers of these panels, have increased.

LG Display shipped panels for the 6.1-inch models, that is, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and the panels for the other two models, the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini and 6.7-inch iPhone 12. Pro Max – Produced by Samsung Display.

How Many iPhone 12 will Apple Sell

The Cupertino giant is expected to produce around 70 million units of the Apple iPhone 12 by the end of this year. Keeping an additional 10 percent as a reserve, Samsung and LG are expected to provide around 80 million units of OLED panels.
Considering the state of the economy this year, the purchasing power of residents of almost all countries of the world, the general drop in demand for smartphones, and even the fact that nothing globally new has appeared in the new product (as well as in recent smartphones), the figure looks very impressive.

If a company can really sell that many fairly expensive devices in the Christmas quarter, its marketers will definitely need to write out a big premium.
And the figures provided show that Apple decided to use LG not as a secondary manufacturer, but as a full-fledged one. The number of orders has not only grown, it has grown several times. So last year only 5 million displays were purchased from this company. Samsung shipped 10 times more units of this important component during the same period.

Samsung and LG Competitors

In addition to Samsung and LG, the Chinese company BOE wants to supply displays for the iPhone. They also involved in the production of OLED displays and even once produced them for Apple. Only this time she failed to get the company’s approval. At the same time, it’s not all over for her, because suppliers are not rigidly fixed for the entire production period. The alignment of forces can still change.
The choice of supplier of iPhone components for next year can be influenced by many factors. For example, the percentage of defective displays among manufactured displays, production costs, delivery deadlines, and much more. For example, in the past, it was because of the high scrap rate that Apple abandoned LG’s display services. At the same time, it is an LG that produces some of the best displays in the world.
Apple first used an OLED display in 2017 in the iPhone X. The iPhone 11 had two OLED models, the Pro and Pro Max. The regular iPhone 11 ran with a standard LCD display. Already at that time, Apple was seeking Samsung’s help in the display industry.

It is interesting to observe how companies that are constantly competing with each other divide the first lines of the manufacturer’s rating and almost immediately start to litigate over patents, unfair competition, or violation of contractual relations.
It seems to me that this, like nothing else, personifies the process of unity and struggle of opposites. On the one hand, companies are constantly competing, trying to take off each other’s market share, and on the other, they cannot live without each other. Some need displays, while others need orders and money. This is the kind of business it is.

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