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How Android Smartphone Makers Will Benefit From the iPhone 12

Yesterday a new smartphone came out from the category of those that cannot leave people indifferent. Some simply criticize him with or without, others clearly remain neutral, and still others almost get into a fight if someone once again says that Apple is not the same. Anyway, a new smartphone is always an important event, regardless of how you feel about it. Moreover, manufacturers of Android smartphones often benefit from this. Let’s briefly discuss the iPhone 12 to understand how Android smartphone manufacturers will benefit from its release, and there, perhaps, these benefits will gradually reach users.

Of course, as usual, Apple will benefit from the release of the new iPhone, but this year not all the cards lay on its side, and it will definitely face some difficulties that will definitely play into the hands of its competitors. Apple simply won’t be able to jump off the sales pitch.

Now we will not talk about the technical component of the smartphone, since everything is not for everybody. Let’s talk about other factors that are also important.

The Second Wave of the Pandemic

Many talked about her, and some even waited and prepared. As a result, she came – the second wave of the pandemic. There was a relative calm in the summer, and many countries even began to ease bans, opening borders, and restarting economies.

At this time, many good smartphones came out, among which we can name the entire line of Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 FE, Google Pixel 4a, OnePlus Nord, and many others. Then there was an opportunity to produce many devices and on a wave of optimism, people were ready to buy them.
Now everything is spoiling again. Despite the fact that everything is relatively calm in China, there is a risk of re-closure of factories. Even if the assembly plants themselves are running, the supply chain of components or finished products to the final consumer can be interrupted.

Many analysts agree that Apple began production of a new smartphone in mid-September, and representatives of the factories claim that workers are volunteering to work overtime. Regardless, if Apple had launched this machine a month earlier, as it usually does, the situation would have been better.

Chinese Holidays

Despite the fact that workers in factories can work around the clock in shifts, forgetting about holidays and weekends, there are still national characteristics. For example, in China, from October 1 to October 8, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated and many Chinese people do not work during this time. This will also contribute to the overall decline in production volumes, and again those for whom the main period of demand was a little earlier or, conversely, will be later, will be in positive territory.
Since there are no strict restrictive measures in China now, many have left for other provinces. This can lead to the fact that the already slow production will stall again.

The Hardware of the New iPhone

Above, I have already spoken about the problems with supplies, but this can be taken into a separate paragraph. Since a smartphone consists of a large number of parts, many of them come from the USA, India, South Korea, and other countries. All of these must arrive in China on time, but they must be collected, sent, loaded, brought in, and unloaded. At each stage, difficulties are possible, since the number of cases is only growing again.
Some manufacturers have moved production outside of China, but this is unlikely to change anything much. Supply issues can still happen. Moreover, it is in China that it is as quiet as possible.

Blocking TikTok and WeChat

Another factor that could play against Apple is a possible US government ban on TikTok and WeChat. Given the insane popularity of these services in China, it can be assumed that their ban will greatly affect the interest in the iPhone in this country. If the corresponding applications are not in the AppStore, many will refuse to purchase. Especially considering that WeChat in China is more than a messenger. They communicate in it, get acquainted, make purchases, and even keep the money. It is more than just a social network.
Perhaps even if banned, Apple can make the ban regional. Then the services will be banned, say, only in the United States. But Apple’s sales will still suffer, as many Chinese communicate with Americans (and vice versa) on business or as relatives. They would definitely not want to cut off such a channel. As a result, Apple will lose from the ban anyway. The question is how strong. The buyers who naturally turned away from it will be “picked up” by other manufacturers.

iPhone to 5G

Analysts have already noted that the growth of the smartphone market will be driven precisely by the proliferation of fifth-generation networks. If so, but until yesterday, the Cupertino-based company risked being left without good sales next year.
However, the company released its 5G device a bit late anyway. She herself became hostage to her own schedule for the release of smartphones. But the fact remains that many residents of countries where 5G is developing faster than others have already changed their smartphone in the summer, slightly affecting sales statistics.

A General Drop in Sales

According to various estimates, the drop in smartphone sales this year will be 10 to 20 percent compared to last year. This is also the reason why Apple will lose more than many other manufacturers. Especially those that managed to release smartphones back in the summer.
Each of the factors is unlikely to bring down the ratings of the new iPhone, but collectively they conspired against it. Let’s see what happens next, but so far Apple has little reason to rejoice, and even the release of the new product on the dates set for it in early September would be the best option for the company.

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